5.1 speaker setup question

By Snuffy09 ·
Everything is configured and setup sounds good, all speakers working, but voice only comes out of center speaker when playing movies music/sounds only come out of front and side speakers. is this correct?


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Depending on your setup, yes

by Slayer_ In reply to 5.1 speaker setup questio ...

I would need to know more about your systems hardware, or what we are talking about but.

Often you can clone stereo signals to all speakers, Soundblaster has an option to up convert stereo to surround sound (kinda like pro-logic, but not depending on the sound itself to figure out where to place the sound).
Your DVD player may have options you can change to alter this effect. I know my Surround sound box has a setting called "Hall" that makes stereo sounds go to all speakers, but the rear speakers are quieter and duller. I normally use this for VHS movies and video games.

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Pretty much it's correct

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to 5.1 speaker setup questio ...

Here it depends on several things like what the Movie was recorded in and what the hardware supports.

With most Realtech Chip Sets you have the option to change the Environment from things like Concert Hall to Stone corridor and lots of other things but this effectively just affects the Echo.

As for the speakers in the front playing voices with Surround you should only hear voices from the front as that is where the should appear to be when watching the movie. Occasionally you may hear voices from the back speakers but this will only happen when the person speaking is behind the person/people on screen. It's to give the effect that you are in the picture with the actors.

With Audio Recordings things are a little different because they are not recorded in 5.1 or better Surround but is Straight Stereo so the Chip Set has to work a little harder to clone the Stereo into 5.1.


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Surround you should only hear voices from the front

by Snuffy09 In reply to Pretty much it's correct

hmm.. this kinda has me scratching my head.. I only hear voices from the center. sounds and music come from front and side speakers. is this what you mean?

I tried selecting the sound effect hallway to get voice out of other speakers during a movie. i think it made the whole experience worse than with no effects.

I was just concerned that all the speakers are the same size and it seems like the center speaker has to work the hardest. just double checking so i dont risk blowing anything. Obviously never setup 5.1 before so im running blind here...THANKS!

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Well with Realtech the Center Front

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Surround you should only ...

Is the Sub Wolfer which has the job of supplying much of the Low End where as the Left & Right Speakers are just for Fill In.

The same with the back speakers. But sound reproduction is a very difficult Science which spends lots of time and effort in both Frequency Response and the Q Factor of Speakers. Now being a computer system the Q isn't in question here though it's still probably way out of the actual Speaker/Drivers individually but no matter the Bass Sounds are not Directional they radiate out from the speakers as a Sphere or Sound surrounding that speaker and being reflected by floors/walls and so on. So they can come from the center Front and still appear to sound correct. The Mid Range to High Range Sounds are very directional so these come from the Satellite Speakers to fill in the effect of being in there with the people on screen. These speakers will sound radically different depending on which way they are pointed so if you twist them toward you they will be projecting Mid to High Range Sounds in a line directly toward you where as if they are twisted away they will be projecting sound in a line of where they are pointing and then reflecting back from whatever is in the way.

I'm probably not explaining this as well as some others could but I hope that my explanation is good enough so you understand.


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5.1 speaker setup?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to 5.1 speaker setup questio ...

Is this by a sound card or through the built in sound chip?
If you are using a good sound card then the voice should follow the person around, when using the "stereo" setup you might find that the voice does come from the center until you add on more codecs. If possible go for the 7.1 surround system, it sounds better. If you are stuck with the 5.1 system then try and up it to 24ghz.

This might be of help to you:
Surround Sound Speaker Set Up.

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Is this by a sound card or through the built in sound chip?

by Snuffy09 In reply to 5.1 speaker setup?

its through onboard audio device - realtech but it supports 5.1 dolby

i just purchased 5.1 speakers so 7.1 is out of the ? i will push the upper limits of 24ghz then

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