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512mb pc133+windowsxp=problems

By ivan032688 ·
Okay, I just ordered new ram, 256 mb pc133. When I
installed, Windows XP would just stop on me to the
BSOD and say some error like
Page_File_In_Unpaged_Section or some errors like
that. I was thinking it was just my virtual memory that
was causing the problems along with my low disk
space. I changed the VM to 384mb from 768mb. It still
had the same problems. The computer will stop, say
some error, and say some suggestions like Change
ram or change video card. This might help, one of my
ram sticks is two-sided and the other is one-sided. I
don't know if it matters if both of the ram having two
sides or just doesn't matter. All that matters is that I
need help. Please

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by jschein In reply to 512mb pc133+windowsxp=pro ...

ok... try just one stick, then try the other... one of them is the offending stick.

When using memory, if more than one, the 2nd and 3rd should be some the same size and speed (100mhz, 133, 166, 400 etc..)

If the bus speeds of the memory are different, this will affect the OS no matter what it is.

Virtual memory should be x 2.1 of the actuall memory used. If you used 256mb of memory, your virt. memory should be at least 537.6mb

Also, new memory has been known to be bad, just be aware of that fact. Like I said, try one, then the other, you will figure out quickly which one is bad.
Good luck.

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to 512mb pc133+windowsxp=pro ...

first try the ram one by one in your computer, and possible in another one too.
Need to know if the memory is good.

Second, check the manual of your motherboard if you can mix and match different types of memory with each other.

And third maybe the memory is not compatible with xp, I have seen some of those cases.
microsoft has a hardware compatibility list and the memory may not be certified by microsoft xp.


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by csmith In reply to 512mb pc133+windowsxp=pro ...

When troubleshooting these RAM problems, turn off virtual memory, and limit the Disk Cache to 8 Meg.
That will eliminate a lot of these spurrious error messages.
If you are low on disk space, install an old hard drive (1 or 2 Gig), and direct the virtual memory (Paging file) to it.
The Memory Manager in XP is not that good; that it does not need help in this situation.
Regards, Chris

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by ivan032688 In reply to 512mb pc133+windowsxp=pro ...

Yeah I will try switching the ram sticks. Also, check the other post. It is in this section also and is named Computer Problems. You will see that the dude that posted the thread listed some problem errors that he got. Well, it's a small world, I got the same errors he is getting. I already reformat my hd and istalled XP about five times, getting the same results everytime. I will try that ram switching thing and see if it works. If there are other help out there, please don't hesitate to post. Thanks.

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by ismail_ngr In reply to 512mb pc133+windowsxp=pro ...


You first try to identify the faulty RAM Module over the DocMemory from

Try to test one by one u r system Ram Module with this software. I hope the infomation help to solve u r problem.


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by ivan032688 In reply to 512mb pc133+windowsxp=pro ...

I tried switching back and forth. The new ram is the
troublemaker. I will call tech support and see if they can
replace it. The ram is maybe corrupt, as windows says it

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