6-7GB data

By Beginner9 ·
Hi all

my friend has a data CD of 6-7GB with him. he lives in a different country and internet is slow there (Hardly 1-2mb). how do i get the data 6-7gb faster and what is the procedure.

I cannot buy any software.

Thanks in advance.

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Slowest Connection

by TheChas In reply to 6-7GB data

Data can only move as fast as the slowest point in the path.

The only way to transfer the data faster is if your friend can get to a different location that has a faster connection.

All of the speed up methods that are used rely on either multiple streams through a slow connection or making use of idle time in a connection.

The only other option would be if your friend was able to make multiple connections that would speed up the data transfer rate from his end.

It could be worse. One of you could be on a dial-up connection and limited to 48K transfer rates.


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by rkuhn In reply to 6-7GB data

Seriously though, if you're going to do a file transfer, you'd better use a download manager or file splitter.

Don't do it as a single get half way through and it fails how will you feel?

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by Beginner9 In reply to FedEx?

thanks guys

my friend cannot move to faster location or cannot connect multiple location.

can anyone tell me what is the PROCEDURE (step by step Please)

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Looks like rickk is right.

by Ron K. In reply to Procedure

He's not being a smart@ss. Use Fed-X or Priority Mail. Simple. You've lived without that data for this long a few more days won't kill you.

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My thoughts exactly!

by NexS In reply to Looks like rickk is right ...

Express mail if you need the data in a hurry, but you won't be able to download it in the time it would take to arrive in the mail. It's probably the best option, even though not technically an IT answer.

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According to my Calculations

by rkuhn In reply to Procedure

To transfer that much data over that slow of a connection it would take at least 12 hours (under ideal conditions).

By ideal conditions I mean 1-2 MB up and down like a T1. Most cable and DSL connections are more speed down and less up. For example, my DSL at home is 6 MB down but only 1 MB up.

Add less than ideal conditions, setup time, etc and seriously man, just FedEx it.

Overnighting a DVD or some CD's would cost <$20. You could have had it by now taking out all the time you've spent on TR waiting for some magical answer.

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by IC-IT In reply to 6-7GB data

Don't receive pirated software.

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edit: wrong spot! (nt)

by NexS In reply to Easy
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6-7 gb

by Beginner9 In reply to edit: wrong spot! (nt)

u all sick

hes my class m8 whos has a classs material with him and I lost mine. It was very urgent for me as I am giving exams soon. No body is in rush except me.

last four people are sickkkkkkkkkkk :) :)

somebody give me proper answer

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You appear to know what the 'proper' answer is already.

by Ron K. In reply to 6-7 gb

Why even bother asking?

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