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6 minutes to open a file !!!

By NateH ·
Hi all,

Here is a head scratcher...

Client was on SBS2003 running a domain network with lots of shared folders on the server. I recently moved everything and everyone to Win Server 2003, moved all the users, data etc to the new machine.

All is working well except that some MS Word files that are residing on the shared network drives take 5-6 minutes to open.

I have looked at permissions,etc and nothing looks out of the ordinary.

And here is even stranger stuff. I just added a new PC to the network and before I added it to the domain, I attempted to access one of the slow files and ta-da! it worked normally. However, when I added the PC to the domain, it had the same problem as the others.

HUH ?!?

I turned off all policies, copied the file locally, put it on a USB memory stick...nothing seems to work. The only computer able to access these files (a bunch of random ones) are ones not connected to the domain.

Anyone have any thoughts?


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to 6 minutes to open a file ...

Do the clients have other protocols other than TCPIP installed? If so, change the bind order to speed it up.

Check Share and NTFS permissions. Do the ACLs have large or small lists of users/groups in them. Large ACLs can slow down access a lot as the server determines who has access to it!
How many shares does your server have? If 1000s, is there any way of reducing this?

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by G... In reply to 6 minutes to open a file ...

I saw something almost like that before and find an answer working for it in the technet:;en-us;177266&sd=ee

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by razz2 In reply to 6 minutes to open a file ...

I would take a look at this KB article at Microsoft:

"Your Word Documents Take a Long Time to Open When They Have Attached Templates"

It deals with the files being moved and a lost connection to a template so the files may take 5 to 10 min. to open.

If that is not it then I have a question. You said this is random files, but they are ones you copied. What happens with new files you create? What if you copy all the data from a doc and paste into a new one? What if you just do a Save As?

Good Luck,


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by glyall In reply to 6 minutes to open a file ...

different idea.
Only save the documents on the server
We user machines have all the Office settings set to the local machine.

If you have an Office templates you can create a master on the server and copy they to the local machine.
This way only the documnet file travels the network. This does open the files faster and stops the bottleneck on the network.

The tech that install MS Office will have to copy the masters templates from the server to the local machine.

Hope this help a little

Good Luck

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by sgt_shultz In reply to 6 minutes to open a file ...

ohh. that is a good one. seems to me the big clue is your having copied the file locally and saw the same behavior. that seems like a template thing. but then seems to me the big clue is your finding out non domain member works ok until joining domain. that seems like authentication thing. i would be carefully asking you about your tests to make sure no assumptions are going unnotices here because those symptoms weird, alright...
i have heard of problems with smb and kerberos. you turn off smb service on server for a test and make sure time and time zones are synced server to client. but none of these mesh with your symptoms well. think i would try to get free support from ms on server 2003 on this one.
what are all your clients os's.
anything in event log on server or pc showing problem. i would email MS with your post.

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to 6 minutes to open a file ...

please compare the eventviewers from a pc that is not in the domain with one that is in the domain or compare the eventviewer with a before and after joining the domain.


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