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    64-bit DivX/XviD codecs?


    by .martin. ·

    me again 😀

    stuck at home bored, so decided to fix the little problems on my computer… up to my last one 😀

    I have some video files (500+) encoded as XviD files.

    obviously from the title, trying to find 64-bit drivers so that Windows Media Center (on Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit) can play these files

    already have 32-bit DivX decoder installed, so files play in Media Player, but not in Media Center.

    would be good to get some recommendations for a codec to use as the few I have tried haven’t worked

    Thanks again,


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      by .martin. ·

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      what do you think I am? :D

      by .martin. ·

      In reply to 64-bit DivX/XviD codecs?

      the problem is that all the drivers I can find are 32-bit, so Media Player (which even on a 64-bit OS, is a 32-bit program) runs videos ok (as I already have 32-bit video drivers installed. Media Center on the other hand (which is a 64-bit program on a 64-bit OS) doesn’t like the 32-bit video drivers.

      from my googling, all the ’64-bit’ drivers I can find are actually 32-bit, that are configured to run in a 64-bit OS, so they don’t solve my problem.


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        Have you TAMED Media Centre somehow? …

        by older mycroft ·

        In reply to what do you think I am? :D

        Every time I access it (Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit) it strikes me as just another rather clunky media program from M$, but more importantly there is no functionality for HDD access to media files that existed prior to the birth of the install.

        Media Centre appears to be honed to the commercial side of entertainment – every onscreen option takes me to an online source.

        So how can you access your DivX / Xvid files?

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          Have I tamed MC?

          by .martin. ·

          In reply to Have you TAMED Media Centre somehow? …

          No. perhaps I have just dealt with it’s crumminess.
          but then again it was a step up from the junk that came with my TV card (whenever I paused live TV, the program crashed).

          I have in fact (time to time) considered changing, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated 😀

          Currently I use Media Player (again because I haven’t bothered finding an alternative) with the DivX7 plugin

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          I’ve got just what you might dream of …

          by older mycroft ·

          In reply to Have I tamed MC?

          It’s a program called [b]ShowShifter[/b].

          It came out of a British software house that went belly-up just after the turn of the century, so it’s no longer copyrighted.

          Try the free trial first to see if it’ll work with your tuner card. Then PM me, if you know what I mean. 😉

          There was some disgruntlement within the ShowShifter software house, some kind of disagreement between the coders and the marketing/publishing teams which resulted in the product being canned. However, the intellectual copyright fell to the coding team who also owned the website, so the demo and various other bits of code have been left LIVE, more to annoy the publishers I reckon.

          Accounts of the intellectual battle abound if you can be bothered looking for them, but it is a pity the product didn’t continue to develop because the last release before the crash was a great leap up from the previous edition.

          Edit for link.

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          found the card

          by .martin. ·

          In reply to I’ve got just what you might dream of …

          but could not use it, kept popping up with a message about a recoverable error, then saying the card was not functioning.

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      Reponse To Answer

      by tagagt ·

      In reply to 64-bit DivX/XviD codecs?

      @ SystemCheck ” (which even on a 64-bit OS, is a 32-bit program)” win7 (x64) comes with native 64 bit and 32 bit media player. google how to make your media player 64 the default player. Some 64 bit codec are available that will play almost any media (including xvid) example: ffmpeg 64. if you are fond of decoders that are capable of card specific hardware acceleration like CUDA you can look into coreavc and as such. but a 32 bit player will use 32 bit codec. ” all the ’64-bit’ drivers I can find are actually 32-bit” i dont understand what you said a 64 bit device driver is a 64 bit device driver same is true about 32 bit device drivers. may be you have confused codec with device drivers. thank you. by the martin; way why not use something like gom-player to play your xvid videos?

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