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64 bit vs Dual Core

By anthony_hopton ·
Which is better cost * quality? A 64 bit processor with HT or Dual core processor as I dont have alot of money to go high end and I am looking at an intel system and want value for money

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 64 bit vs Dual Core

Well with Intel CPU's the Dual Cores are both 32 & 64 Bit compatible so you get both although at the moment there are not many OS that will take full use of the CPU and even the 64 Bit version of Windows is still very much a development platform.

With the current P4's some are EM64T compatible but are not true 64 Bit CPU's but will work quite well on both 32 & 64 Bit OS and applications. They are sort of a stop gap measure between the Intel 64 Bit only and the mass market.

The next step are to the Itanium? 2 and Xeon Intel CPU both of which are capable of running 64 Bit applications but are on the expensive side of things and really are aimed fairly and squarely at the business end of town on Multi Processor M'Boards as their prefered usage.

If you are looking at one of the Nix's then most have been compiled for the AMD 64 Bit ones and there are very few Intel type Distro's around that support the 64 Bit Architecture.

Even the Server 2003 ES version still remains very much a development platform.

And even if you can actually get all the hardware to work properly there are not any programs as yet available to run on a 64 Bit system.


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by JamesRL In reply to 64 bit vs Dual Core

Why restrict yourself to Intel.

If you are wanting to build a 64 bit system, you may be better off with an AMD chip. But there are not that many apps for 64bit, and you may have problems sourcing 64 bit drivers, so unless you do your homework, it may not be worthwhile.

And similarly, not every application takes advantage of dual core under Windows. AMD does make dual cores as well.

I suggest perhaps a trip to www.tomshardware.com will provide some insight for you.


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by B_Pope In reply to 64 bit vs Dual Core

I'd have to agree with James why not AMD unless of course you have a particular reason for wanting Intel?

In any event I wouldn't go with a dual core unless you get a 1MB cache per core chip & at minimum
AMD Athlon? 64 X2 - 4400+ (Socket 939)
AMD Opteron? Dual Core 175 (Socket 939)
Intel? Pentium? D -940, 3.2-GHz @ 800Mhz w/ 2Mb x 2 Dual Core (Socket 775)

The two AMD CPU's listed will perform at or above the Intel listed, but another key point is power consumption & heat, the Intel CPU's run extremely hot because they require so much power so cost more to run.

As for 64 bit, if you want to go that route these two would be good choices, but realize 64 bit means nothing at the moment, sure you can get it but what use do you have for it? You pretty much have to buy into it since all the CPU's come with it. So the real question is whether to go dual core or not.
AMD? Athlon? 64 - 3700 (Socket 939)
AMD? Athlon? 64 - 4000 (Socket 939)

There's nothing wrong with Intel but at the moment their way out in left field with their CPU's & are having a tough time getting their act together. There like Sony was with Betamax, they got over it but it took time.

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by fungus-among-us In reply to 64 bit vs Dual Core


Not sure if you've already made your purchase, but if you have NOT, you may want to wait for Intel's next release... codename CONROE.

I'm not a fanboi of either AMD or Intel, and will purchase my next CPU based on facts rather than emotions or loyalty. In the past year (I know we're only half way through it), I dropped my Intel Northwood 2.6 system in favor of an AMD A64 3200+ (and shortly thereafter went to an Opteron 14... but Intel's Conroe chip looks SO promising. Of course I will wait a while since my current CPU is only 2 months old, but I'm hoping CONROE will be a MEGA Success for Intel (competition only HELPS the consumers) and AMD will have to bring out something that can compete or beat it.

But to answer your question... best value for your money... based on the previews and forum discussions around the net, CONROE is your best value (if you're willing to wait another month).


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I dont know

by Pritpal Singh In reply to 64 bit vs Dual Core

I dont know that's why i need ur help

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