64 Bits application and 64 bits Processor.

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How Can I tell whether a COTS product can benefit from 64 bit architecture processor? For instance, how I can tell which version of SQL server will run in 64 bit .vs. 32 bit? I hope I am not lumping oranges and apples together. Alos, which Intel processor support 64 .vs. 32 ??


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Google 64bit SQL server

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to 64 Bits application and 6 ...

and you get SQL 2005
There were some other links on there about setting up for it.
We run the 32 bit version on 64 bit XP and it works ok, though it doesn't take advantage of the extra oomph.

Good question anyway, hadn't realised there was a 64 bit version out there, going to have to look at certifying our apps on it.

You should be aware that drivers can be a problem. Also while 32 bit apps will run on it, you can get one or to strange funnies.

One I found was a call to a windows GDI routine that worked fine on 32 bit but left me with a tab control with invisible captions on a 64 bit OS. Coded round it eventually, but it was a pain in the arse, seeing as I develop on 32 bit.

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