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64bit processors

i was reading the whitepaper Comparing 64-Bit Server Processors Hewlett-Packard June 2004

In the Conclusion section the writer says as follows

The drawback to Operton is that little 64-bit software is available today. Thus for any x86 user that needs an immediate 64bit solution,the best choice is Itanium2. There are many 64 bit operating system and applications available 2day on Itanium2 and that processor also run 32bit x86 softwares.

My question is
Is it the case that the softwares that run on itanium2 they cannot run on Operton?
I think the both architectures run the 64 bit and 32 bit application and same softwares can run on both of them. is this correct?
Reply will be highly regarded :)


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Itanium does have more choices.

by X-MarCap In reply to 64bit processors

You can run either a Linux or conversly an HPUX on an Itanium based server. I would get a rx2600 and about 4-8 gb ram. 4 73 GB drives, and a FC interface for additional external storage. If you use HPUX get MirrorDisk UX and have fun.

If you run non "IX" software, You are on your own. I believe you get more performance from an opteron. Sun sells one (Opteron) with Solaris 10 on it. Very Fast!!! If you are running windows, I will pray for you, and tell you the opteron in the hp 385's has been faster than the Itanium.

I'd run Linux on an Opteron any day over MS Windows. The box seems 30% faster across the net for some reason. ;-)

(Only measured by time elapsed for file sharing and large file transfer in IP.)
There is a reason Linux and UNIX have a time command.


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