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64meg in - showing 16meg?

By cul8rm8e ·
i was given an old system p166,.12gig,2meg v/card, it had at the time installed (edo ram)i took out the RAM and replaced it with 64meg of SDram,now when i boot it seems to go throug checking ram up to 16meg and starts over checking a further twice, when system is running i checked sys info and found the same thing ,memory installed 16meg. any idea why this is?

im sure i could use the 64meg elsewhere if it aint going to be any good to me but if theres a soluton to this it would be much appreciated for any help!

sorry dont know much about this side of things.

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Old Motherboards

by Digital_DNA In reply to 64meg in - showing 16meg?

I recently had a similar problem with a old M Tech. Motherboard. The problem with the Mustang R534 Motherboard and I would imagine all older motherboards is that these Motherboards would only use low density DIMMs, and I don't mean the type that iscurrently considered low density. Very few people were able to get the R534 MB to take more than one DIMM.

The DIMMs you are trying to use are more than likely okay. The problem is your motherboard doesn't support the type of DIMM you are using. Also note that some older motherboards will only cache the first 64 MB of memory so going above this will actually decrease performance.

Solution: Pull the 64 MB DIMM out and put the EDO back in. Don't forget to set the MB jumper for voltage back to 5V.


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Not showing more than 16 meg of ram

by mpixler1 In reply to 64meg in - showing 16meg?

Check the BIOS for a setting that will allow the system to see more than 16 meg of ram.

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by peterwolstenholme@xxx In reply to 64meg in - showing 16meg?

I have had this problem. Some BIOS versions seem unable to handle the newer SDRAM with a small, serial E2ROM IC for configuration data. I have not done enough reserach to discover exactly why this happens. I think that 66 MHz DRAM is generally OK but PC100 is not useable for an upgrade. Not totally sure.

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