6600Gts add a Ampflifier and a Projector = A whole lot of blank screen

By ogsmoglooney ·
First post!
I have a oldish computer, running two 6600GTs on a A8n Sli AMD motherboard running in SLI I want to connect them to a Amplifier (c) and through the Amplifier to a Projector I have a RCA cable running from the Amplifier to the projecor, just using the video (yellow[RCA]) one. I have successfully got a DVD player running through the amp into the projector. There is no DVI female socket on the Amp. Ive tried several things, and now when i try to turn on the computer is shows the windows loading boot screen and then goes black.... probably from when i was trying to do it yesterday....
Please help
THanks in Advanced!

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I'm confused. What is this 'Amplifier' ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to 6600Gts add a Ampflifier ...

I'm not aware of any need for an Amplifier to be in the loop for what you are trying to do.

Make and model of this amplifier please?
make and model of the projector?

If the DVD runs through this 'Amp' are you meaning an AV Tuner-Amp from a domestic hi-fi system?

If so, I'm afraid you are way off beam.

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sorry about my spelling... Something has happened!!

by ogsmoglooney In reply to I'm confused. What is t ...

I have decided I'm just connecting a nice long SVGA cord from the computer to the old Sony, (ill try to find the model, but ill mean pulling apart a lot of stuff) projector. Now the problem I have is that I start up the computer, and the boot screen comes up on the projector (Yay!) then when it should display the login screen of XP it goes black...
I think I may have stuffed up some settings when trying to get the Nvidia display settings to detect the Av tuner Amp. Even if I plug the normal screen in it does the same thing... Now how am I going to fix that if I can't see what I'm trying t do... I think it had to do with the "Force Detection of Old Tvs) or something like that. Please help I need to play games on my the most powerful computer in my house

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If old then

by IC-IT In reply to sorry about my spelling.. ...

you will likely need to drop your screen resolution. Disconnect the RCA Jack then;
Try 800x600 first, power down, reconnect, bootup. If successful; rinse and repear at a higher resolution.

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You'll have to invoke Safe Mode to regain control ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to sorry about my spelling.. ...

Boot up and press F8 repeatedly - you should be presented with a black screen + white lettering (like an old DOS screen) and you can pick Safe Mode to boot from.

Since Safe Mode doesn't run the advanced graphics drivers you'll hopefully not lose your onscreen display after booting. Now that you can see what is happening you can go into your display settings and attempt to undo whatever you were trying to describe you had previously done.

On a separate subject - I note that you appear to have admitted you were using an AV-Tuner Amp somewhere in this convoluted hook-up but I'm STILL CONFUSED. Your first post described the fact that there was no socket on the Tuner Amp to connect the Video Out to, so how did you manage to "force detection of Old TVs" if there was nothing to plug it into??

If you manage to achieve a readable picture via Safe Mode - I advise you to sit down, take a long deep breath, then consider carefully what you have already done then try to retrace your steps.

Because you have gone so far into territory that I can only imagine about, if you get any more difficulties arising then I'm not your man to sort them out. Usually the problems are reasonably clear but I've never heard of anyone using an AV-Tuner Amp with a computer graphics output and a screen projector.

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Well I'm more than a bit confused here as well

by OH Smeg In reply to sorry about my spelling.. ...

To get back the Picture on the Computer Monitor you'll need to try Safe Mode First and then if that doesn't work you'll need to rebuild the OS as the Drivers for the Video have been messed up considerably. If it works in Safe Mode though all you need do is enter the Control Panel and remove the Video Display Software and then reboot and reinstall the correct software.

What I envisage you are doing is running a RCA Lead from a Video Card to the Projector now and it works till the Windows Drivers are started. When this happens you need to enter the Display Software and set it to display on the second screen through the RCA Socket or SVGA Socket on the Video Card/s that you are using.

I hope that is of some assistance but I may be completely wrong in what you are doing.


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If you are looking at adding

by Jacky Howe In reply to 6600Gts add a Ampflifier ...
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Thanks, will try

by ogsmoglooney In reply to 6600Gts add a Ampflifier ...

Thanks aloty guys... I haven't tried out running it in safe mode, should have thought of that (Smacks head!) But to answer some questions, caused by my bad writing and incredibly badly farmed sentence. I some sort of adapter, have millions of different types, which I could plug a S video or component wires into, from a different type of port, looks a bit like a s vedio imput but different... I then plugged Component wires into the amp which is already connected to the projector via RCA, (God cant they just make one wire? suppose then they'll all be poor.) I also had a mysterious imput just not on my Graphics cards which i plugged a yellow RCA cord from i to the projector didn't work, that was before i posted this.

Must stopp mumbling about and confusing people, also i should go to bed.... or go and tinker with my new Kinksys WAG325N and 16 port Gb Switch :)
Oh well I'll post if all goes well tommorrow Thanks Guys

BTW that Home media center was cool need to do that next with a tv :)

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Well some Video Card Makers supply a SVGA to RCA

by OH Smeg In reply to Thanks, will try

Connector with their Cards.

Of course some don't they supply a SVGA to RGB RCA Connectors and some don't supply any SVGA Connectors at all. Depending on the SVGA Socket that is on the Video Card/s here you may be able to get a SVGA to RCA Lead but I'm not sure where.

Try Jaycar if there is a store in your area they have a good range of these leads. Failing them try Rod Irving Electronics I think that they are in Melbourne. Just look at the SVGA Socket you have some are 4 pin and some are 6 Pin so you need to correct lead for your Socket. If you got a SVGA Lead with your Video Card/s it is most likely easier to get a RCA Adapter from what this terminates as and you can easily take it with you if it is a odd socket.


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Some good ideas in there :)

by Jacky Howe In reply to Thanks, will try

If you can follow his wiring setup which is mentioned in bits and pieces it may give you a few clues as to how it was achieved.

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Safe Mode didn't work, but VGA mode did!

by ogsmoglooney In reply to Some good ideas in there ...

All working now, Safe mode didn't work as I couldn't open up the Nview manager thing, so i started it up in VGA mode, which meant that I still couldn't open it up. But at least it didn't crash when I rolled back the video drivers. Then I restarted in a normal mode and reinstalled drivers. Thanks guys

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