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By cadman53114 ·
I have one workstation which has been getting HAMMERED by a popup for, which first pops up then I get adversitement window, or webcrawler search engine. I have searched the Internet and it seems a lot of people are getting hit, but no real solutions have been given. I have booted in safe mode and searched for list of files which I cannot find. Our company uses Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition 9.0. I have scanned the machine with the expanded threats option on and find all kinds adware in the user temp folder. Log on as admin, delete the contents of the temp folder. I changed the default location of the temp folder. Rebooted, deleted the old temp folder, and it still comes back. I have scanned using Spybot, searched the registry. When this thing starts poping up it does it every 5 minutes for the first hour after the user is logged on then stops. The user is using task manager to end task on all windows that are generated automatically when the popups start so as to not even come close to clicking on the things. But they just will NOT go away. I am a novice network person (small company, we have to wear many hats) and I have come to my wits end. ANY help ANYONE can give me will be greatly appreciated. I would consider buying you steak dinner at your local Apple Bee's.

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by Corrielein In reply to popup

I had the same problem recently. I tried all the same things as you and couldn't get rid of it, so I tried running Ad-aware from Lavasoft (Its a free download). I had to run it several times before it finally went away, but the PC has been clear now for a couple of weeks. Hope this helps - I am in a similar situation to yourself, wearing many hats & I know how frustrating it is!! Good Luck.

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by cadman53114 In reply to popup

Thank you to Corrlelein. I will try the Ad-ware from Lavasoft. I install Mozilla browser this morning. The popups were coming up. I installed Mozilla and made it my default browser and the popups went away almost immediately. Tomorrow is yet another day. But they were coming up every 60 seconds until the install was complete and Mozilla was set as my default browser. So good old IE has some exploited vulnerability in it again.

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