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8-Ports Fiber Optical Switch.!

By sanjana8480 ·

At first, I want to clear one thing that I am not experts in routing & switching, so I happen to ask any stupid question please let me off.

We are planning to implement Fiber Optical backbone LAN for our DMZ (for 6-7 Servers) which will be connected to Gigabyte Switch terminating to all other switches connecting to the 125+ client PCs. Like the way??..ISP----? Router---? Firewall------? Fiber Optical Backbone------? Giga Switches-------? LAN Switches.
I have been suggested to buy Cisco Catalyst 3750G-24PS-E.

Please give us the suggestion for as per the following queries:-

1. Does any Fiber Optical Ports come with any Cisco switch?
2. Is it possible to terminate one part of the Fiber optic cable from Cisco Fiber Optical Port (If comes) to other Cisco Fiber Optical switch or Fiber Optical Network Card (installed to any server)
3. Which Gigabyte port Switch you recommend?
4. If I select Cisco Catalyst 3750G-12S for the fiber optic DMZ, what type of interface can be used for Fiber optical like.. SC/ST/LC & what these means exactly?
5. What is the mean of SX or LX SFP's in LC options?
6. What is this SFP? Are these the same the fiber network cards used in PCs or can only be used in Switches& what is the use of it regarding the switch?
7. What does the mean of 32-Gbps, high-speed stacking bus?
8. What is Innovative stacking technology?
9. Enhanced Multilayer Image Software (EMI) installed Meaning???what?
10. If I use L3 Switch then also do I require router in my edge network?

General info of our network:
? Will be using 6-7 windows servers
? Will be around 150 Users
? SQL, Tally, Office Applications etc. will be used over the network

I would rather request you to suggest us the best router & switches for implementation of the above mentioned setup.

I know what all stupid questions I asked, even I could also google it to have answer but butter to lean in dept from you experts,,,,, sorry for that.

Many thanks to all of you.

Awaiting for your valuable answers.

Best regards,

Sanjana Gupta.

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by robo_dev In reply to 8-Ports Fiber Optical Swi ...

First of all, the term 'fiber optical' is not correct.

What you mean to say is Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) over fiber-optic cable??

Or perhaps you mean 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10-GigE) which also can run on either copper or fiber?

For starters, in most cases it is much cheaper and simpler to run GbE over normal copper wiring. These interfaces are built into the server already. Fiber might be needed if the servers were a long distance from the server room, or if it were a very demanding environment, eg. on-board a ship.

For the small network you describe, running 10G to each server is overkill, but possible. This would be VERY costly, like over $2,000 per port. Using GbE over fiber would be around $900 per port, GbE over copper is like $50 a port.

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