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8 reasons to stay away from Mandriva Linux

By Jaqui ·
1) The Mandriva Control Center.
There is not 1 good reason that this collection of perl scripts should be using the jquery javascript user interface library.
just wrong.

2) The default application launcher.
wtf is this thing? it is far less usable than the default menu, not easier to use as they claim.

3) "Rosa Tasks" their task bar.
I start applications in a specific order, because I want the windows in the task bar IN THAT ORDER, yet rosa tasks automatically sorts them alphabetically WITH NO WAY TO TURN THAT OFF.

4) sound.
oops, what idiot decided to default to the sound system being MUTED?
just wrong.

5) mouse.
hmm, 50% of the time, a click doesn't register at all, 50% of the time, a single click [ close window, one click ] gives a double click. EPIC failure.

6) Power Management.
great, power management tools, with no way for the user to make any changes, they do not include ANY profiles, the software will not generate the default profiles, nor can you import any.

7) xorg.
yup the basic graphics server. set the system to use runlevel 3, command line only, should not see a gui unless I run the startx command manually. oops, xorg is starting anyway. check the inittab, yup, default runlevel is 3, nope, nowhere in the init scripts is xorg being called.

Run the update tool, it grabs list of packages from repository and checks for updates, apply them all, list is empty, great. Go browsing the software in the repository to see what you want to install, WTF? 2 complete VERSION updates for the default desktop [ kde4 ] and they were NOT installed?
YO! Mandriva! UPDATES NEED to be shown in the update tool so that users can apply them.

and we have just this to say now:
seems mandriva is returning to bleeding edge, making it far less usable than a mainstream distro should be.

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Am more of a Ubuntu fan anyway

by robo_dev In reply to 8 reasons to stay away fr ...

Just loaded EasyPeasy on a netbook.....yeah, the WLAN without proprietary drivers, but hey nobody's perfect :)

At the moment am running some CentOS, some Ubuntu, and of course VMware ESXi which is RHEL under the covers. Also have both pfSense and m0noWall running on FreeBSD, just to keep everybody honest.

I am still in the 'just dating' phase with CentOS, but loaded up a whole Concrete 5 CMS on a LAMP stack on CentOS (running as a VM).

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