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802.11b mouse?

By rmatevich ·
Has anyone seen a 802.11b/g wireless mouse? I had a customer ask for one and I think he was jerking my chain....Microsoft announced new 802.11b/g hardware and they spoke of a new mouse and keybord, but I cannot believe they would put it as a 802.11 protocol. RF or Infared makes sense....and longer battery life would be nice...but 802.11? huh?

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by korgmeister In reply to 802.11b mouse?

yeah. it is some kind of mistake

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by dmiles In reply to 802.11b mouse?

Sounds misinterpretted of confused,research did not yield anything on 803.11b wireless mouse

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 802.11b mouse?

If I remember correctly they had a Wireless mouse for LT's that had a receiver plug into a USB port and when not in use clicked together neatly but I think that was a Bluetooth thing Sorry I never read the Marketing BS that came with the add.


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by dryflies In reply to 802.11b mouse?

microsoft did release a wireless mouse and keyboard set but they are bluetooth optical, not 802.11b/g

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by sgt_shultz In reply to 802.11b mouse?

tell 'em 802.11 is a standard for wireless, yes (first be positive) but it is a specific standard for wireless LAN's see? Like 10BaseT or token ring
only smart boxes go on lan, not periperals.
periperals get another wireless standard such as bluetooth and whatever they call it, i don't really know for Irda peripherals...

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