802.1x authenticated network

By dloetzer ·
Ok so i have been having problems connecting my belking g router(set to be used as access point) to my schools network because it has to authenticate wiht 802.1x before it can connect to the internet. Is there anyway i can get it to do this? so i can share internet b/w two computers: one with XP/ubuntu and one with vista, and a PS3

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I don't think you really want to do this...

by CG IT In reply to 802.1x authenticated netw ...

humm you want to connect 2 computers, one with XP and Ubuntu and 1 with Vista as well as a Playstation 3 to a school network?

I dunno, 802.1 is an IEEE authentication protocol for port access. If you connect to a port your not authorized to connect to the RADIUS server will deny the connection.

Unless you setup the RAIDUS server to authenticate your Belkin router, and thus the WAN port connection there's no way to overcome this. Further, you will still need to know the next hop router information to configure the Belkin to forward internet traffic to the next hop router.

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Do I sense a rogue AP.

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So do I

by CG IT In reply to Oops

Intergrating RADIUS solution with APs is a good idea with school networks that use wireless.

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To be sure

by Michael Kassner Contributor In reply to So do I

I suspect that is exactly the case in this situation and it is working as it is meant to.

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