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    802.1x security for Palm wireless


    by dherde ·

    Does a palm 802.1x security client exist yet for the palm platform? I secured my wireless system only to find out that the palm based wireless scanner (Symbol 18something) couldn’t authenticate through the 802.1x security. No client was available at the time. (a year has now passed) Anybody aware of anything that will work? (802.1x using certificate, dynamic rotating WEP and TLS / TTLS radius authentication)

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      by afrinl ·

      In reply to 802.1x security for Palm wireless

      David —

      Check out the Aegis client for the Palm Tungsten C at The biggest problem with it — a deficiency Aegis has known about for more than a year but have yet to address (they told me there’s no market for it yet — hah!) — is that it only understands EAP-MD5 and Cisco LEAP. Aegis implements the other authentication solutions (EAP-TTLS, EAP-TLS, EAP-PEAP) in their Windows clients, but not with their Palm Tungsten C client. So if your institution, like mine, uses EAP-TTLS or one of the other protocols not supported in the Tungsten C client, you’re out of luck, because there’s nobody else in this marketspace to turn to (yet, anyway). Why in the world Funk hasn’t adapted their Odyssey 802.1x WinCE client to the Palm platform — or, for that matter, why Palm itself hasn’t put out a solution — well, I don’t know.

      — Larry Afrin, M.D.
      Medical University of South Carolina

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