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890 chipset

By jck ·
I was wondering. I'm looking at building an AMD64-based PC system and I was told by someone recently to look at Soltek, who carries an 890-based motherboard with PCI-E, 8-channel sound, etc...look very nice. Here's where the pessimist comes out.

I can't find a good review of that board, or a collection of the 890 motherboards.

Has anyone seen a good review of them? Something like you'd find on Tom's Hardware Guide with tech analysis?



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I like Nvidia BIOS

by stress junkie In reply to 890 chipset

I haven't looked into the world of IA64. I have built a lot of 32 bit computers. My most recent performance comparison was a couple of years ago. I built two nearly identical computers. One had the VIA KTA333 chipset. The other had the Nvidia Nforce 2 chipset. The Nvidia computer is much faster than the KTA333 computer.

I don't know why anyone would buy a 64 bit computer for personal use. The only operating system that's offering 64 bit code is Linux. If you use Microsnot software then the CPU will have to be operating in 32 bit emulation mode. Why not wait until there is a bunch of 64 bit software? By the time Microsnot Longhorn comes out your CPU will be old and faster CPUs will be available for whatever price you're going to pay today.

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by jck In reply to I like Nvidia BIOS

yeah, I have a Biostar running the NForce2 chipset and I have never had a hiccup. It's also the one I run my Linux drive on.

As for latest tech, I've never been one to have the best of anything. The manufacturers want too much...for instance when I looked for a new video card for gaming (the 9800XT and 5900 were the best at the time), they were talking $400 for top-of-the-line. I got a card with a little less than half the performance quality (as ranked at THG) for less than 1/3 of the price.

So, I wouldn't mind having an "older" 64 bit processor when Longhorn comes out...if I'm even going to run Longhorn...I might be Linux exclusive by then at home. Plus, there is a 64-bit version of XP is there not?

Just, I like having nice toys...not necessarily the newest...just nice :)

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