**00 port capture

By AmberHaze ·
I have a frustraiting situation... I need to get a windows computer to emulate a **00 port printer such that it can capture a print stream from a mainframe and save it as a file. (Basically I need to give the pc the ip address normally owned by the current printer and have it record what is normally printed.)

Unfortunately packet sniffing is not an option, nor is re-routing the print stream at the server end.

Does anyone have any suggestions (Short of writing my own app. )

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Most 3270 emulation packages can do that

by robo_dev In reply to **00 port capture

A 3270 emulator application can emulate both a terminal and a printer session.

At the very least, a program like Zephyr Passport can do 3287 (TN3270E) print emulation. The most complete solution tends to be either the IBM 'Personal communications' product or the Extra! product from Attachmate.

This was 20 years ago, but I spent LOTS of time making both host addressable printing work from the mainframe to PC-attached printers as well as workaround solutions involving WinBatch scripted transfer of print jobs using ind$file to local PC printers.

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by LarryD4 In reply to Most 3270 emulation packa ...

Yes we use Hummingbird and the print capture works great.

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Yes, it just gets ugly if you're trying to do something creative like....

by robo_dev In reply to Nod

printing barcodes or some other very specific application where the emulator is only 99% accurate, and the one thing you need to do is stuck in the other 1% :)

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by LarryD4 In reply to Yes, it just gets ugly if ...

Ack no!
We've been pushing out reports to a file so we can import them to Excel.

Barcodes would make my life miserable!

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