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    95/98 clients have no outlook2k access


    by gmax95 ·

    We have a small LAN with NT4.0 Servers, NT wkst and 4 95/98 clients. All have Outlook 2000. Yesterday when we shut down our current isp, Bluestar, (going out of business), none of the 95/98 clients had access to outlook 2k. For some reason, they could not connect to the Exchange server without Internet access. NT workstations were unaffected. We determined it was the DNS settings. Apparently, those 95/98 clients were using the DNS settings for Bluestar which no longer existed. With our new internet provider up and running today, and the new DNS settings on our Exchange Server set to the new provider, the 95/98s are now able to access Outlook2k. My question is why are the 9x machines dependent on Internet access to run Outlook2k andthe NT machines not??? Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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      95/98 clients have no outlook2k access

      by jb007 ·

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      You’ve nearly answered your own question. The win9x clients needed some way to resolve an address for exchange and since the DNS servers belonged to your isp each client had to use the internet connnection to communicate with DNS to find out how to get to exchange.

      This “long-winded” resolution method can be solved pretty quickly with an exchange server entry in your hosts file on all the mail enabled machines.

      That way all requests to exchange will no longer have to go all the way out toyour isp’s dns server and come back.

      The entry will look like this: exchange01

      Short of installing your own DNS/Wins server for internal resolution. This is the simplest way for your mail clients to resolve the exchange servers email address.

      NOTE: hosts will have to be altered if the exchange server’s ip address changes.

      hope this helps,


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      95/98 clients have no outlook2k access

      by gmax95 ·

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