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95 to 98se

By xmutant5 ·
im trying to install 98se (proly oem dont think full) on a toshiba infina 7161 32 mb 2.0 gb and sum change and it keeps giving me a warning sign saying (sumthing like) "windows setup requires 44(sumthin sumthin sumthin) bytes to run" i tried putting in 95 then upgrading but i dont have a upgrade disk is there a way to beat that????


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by dmiles In reply to 95 to 98se

If you are currently running Windows 95.0 or Windows 95.0a and require support for FAT32, USB and AGP, then upgrading to Windows 98 is your only alternative. These early versions of Windows 95 do not support these newer hardware features and cannot be updated to provide this support.

Windows versions 95.0b, 95.0B and 95.0c were released as Service Packs to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for installation on new computers. Since they were designed for installation on newly formatted hard drives, the setup routines do not contain the necessary files to update an existing version of Windows. These Service Packs were never released to the general public. These service packs are not available either as a commercial software release or for download over the internet.

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by xmutant5 In reply to

thanx for ur answer but thats not what i was looking for i need to know how i can get the install of 98se to work without having it tell me that theresnt enough room on the HDD

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by TheChas In reply to 95 to 98se

How much free hard drive space do you have?

W98 needs around 195MB free space to install over W95. More if you select the option to save the old configuration.

Start by cleaning up the hard drive.
Delete ALL files in:
and C:\Windows\Temporary Internet

Then, look for any other un-needed files.


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by xmutant5 In reply to

there is plenty of space

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to 95 to 98se

win98se oem generally will complain if there is an existing op system on the drive. Ideally, unless there is something of win95 you wish to keep ie settings you can delete the windows directory and swap file and install win98se clean without using the drive format option (cause i presume you have info you are trying to keep)

To keep win95 settings One thing you can do is go into win 95 and change the swap file settings to use a small swap file like about 64MB for min and max.

do a scandisk then a disk defrag to maximize hardrive space reported to win98se during the install.

If you only have 32MB of memory also try to shut down bios shadow and video shadow and don't use video sharing memory (if it has this) to maximize memory as well

good luck

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by xmutant5 In reply to

that sounds like this will work BUT what u meen by file swap and juss incase i dont noe what u meen give me a deffinition for bios and video shadow


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by Deadly Ernest In reply to 95 to 98se

When loading Win 98 on a system with less than 50MB RAM you really need to do a clean load from a Win 98 or DOS boot disk. use a boot disk and boot up, then rename the old Windows directory to anything but Windows (delete later it is a barstard to do from a boot DOS) and then use DOS commands to access the CD and run the setup.exe file. SHould run OK then.

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