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98/2000 problem

By cwarley ·
I have a small 8 computer network with 3 computers witn 2kpro and 1with xppro and 5 with 98 I am having a problem with my 98 machines to be able to access the files on the 2kpro machines, if I make a shared folder on the 2k machine then all the 2k machines can access it and the xp machine can access it but the 98 machines can't even see the shared folder.. help???

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by CG IT In reply to 98/2000 problem

enable NetBios over TCP/IP and if a workgroup network, put the W98 user account on all machines that the 98 will access.

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by cwarley In reply to

I already did this and still didn't work... Thanks though

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by Walkerxp92 In reply to 98/2000 problem

First make sure that you have added, on the 2000 machines, the users from the 98 machines that need to acces the shared folders on that machine. Then once you have done this make sure you users log off their 98 then back on this may have some effect.

Also if that doesn't completely take care of it I have run into an issue with this same set up, you will probably need to share the folder on the 2000 machine twice. Basicly once you have shared it to all users or atleast to the ones that need to see it you will also need to add another share name to the same folder. I do not know why this is but it works.

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by cwarley In reply to

Awsome great!!!!! it worked, THANK YOU. I already had done the user part like you said but I didn't know about the double sharing, but it worked like a charm. Thank you again

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by cwarley In reply to 98/2000 problem

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