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98 clients logon delay in w2k mixed mode

By Meg Hatrick ·
We just upgraded a DC to w2k, running in mixed mode. There are 2 NT4 BDCs left on the network, and there is one w2k member server. I've added NT4emuulator registry key per MS article Q284937.

Most of our clients are win 98. Some, but not all, have trouble logging on to the network. After typing the password in, the hour glass sits for a minute then message box says bad password or no server. It takes a few tries before they connect.

DHCP is running on the two BDCs, and WINS is running on all servers. I've added the new server to DHCP scope for DNS & WINS. Clients are configured with "use DHCP for WINS" option.

The only other oddity is that the w2k DC is very slow when browsing the network. We used to have the same problem with the w2k member server, but that has resolved after I added the registry key and rejoined it to the domain.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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I would look for starters at your binding order for network protocols. If you are using that much NetBios for name resolution, make sure it is listed first! This would explain why your W2K server is having problems. It primarily uses DNS to locate objects and has to timeout before it can use WINS.

Fixing this should let your other machines authenticate faster. Remember to chnage it when you upgrade to speed performance the other direction. Hope it helps.

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by Meg Hatrick In reply to

Thank you for your suggestion. I'm afraid I'm brand new at this, so please bear with me. I see on the NT4 BDC that the binding lists DHCP first then NetBIOS second. Looking at the w2k server, I can only see TCP/IP checked under Client for MS Networks (Network and Dial-up Connections/Advanced Settings). Am I looking in the wrong place?

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