98 not XP

By clm328 ·
Just purchased a used dell optiplex gx260 installed a 40gig harddrive with XP PRO os.
bios sees drive, but it wont boot.
Removed 40gig installed 16gig with win 98 booted right up. installed 40gig in another computer booted right up. anyone have an idea why gx260 wont boot the 40gig with XP PRO.

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Different Harware Abstraction Layer

by BFilmFan In reply to 98 not XP

My first guess would be that the Hardware Abstraction Layer is not the same between the 2 systems or the IDE drivers are not the same and it can't read the boot partition information on the system.

Does the system boot with a Windows XP CD in the system and then see the drive?

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Well firstly you Can Not move a HDD to different Hardware

by OH Smeg In reply to 98 not XP

And have Windows Boot. As stated previously the HAL file is a list of the Hardware than the OS expects to find and when the list is different to the actual Hardware the System Will Not boot.

You can get around this problem by performing a In Place Install as per M$ instructions here

But you need a M$ Branded Install Disc not a System Makers Recovery Disc as those are a Slipstreamed Install Copy with only the Drivers for that Hardware that they where made for. They Are Not a complete Install Disc.

The other thing to look at here is if the system will not do anything after the POST Screen you need to enter the BIOS make sure that the 40 GIG HDD is being correctly recognized and Save the changes when you exit the BIOS. If you do not do this the Computer is expecting to find a 16 GIG HDD and can not correctly Map the 40 GIG Drive.


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by clm328 In reply to Well firstly you [i]Can N ...

Thanks guys the system does boot with a cd, i'll try MS website recommended and let you know. Thanks again

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by clm328 In reply to 98 not XP

Went to website,but unless i mis understood, everything suggested would cause data lose on HD trying to prevent that.This 40gig HD has 2 partions on it the os is on 19gig which leaves 18gig. while in the gx260 installed xp on the 18gig,giving me 2 boot options ,though one wont work,it now boots up in the new os makimg the other ,original os partion drv. d:. which i can acess. but would still like to know why it wouldnt boot on first os. do you still think it was the hal. i know ive swapped harddrives around in the past.
Thanks again guys.

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Basically the chipsets

by IC-IT In reply to LOSE DATA

If the chipset in one system is not the same (or very close) XP will not load.

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