98 SE Memory Manager

By dsbened ·
If I change the amount of memory in my PC that's running 98 SE, do I have to make changes to the "Paging File", "EMM Exclude" or "VCache" lines in my System.Ini file?

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by Jacky Howe In reply to 98 SE Memory Manager

depends on your preferences and how much RAM you intend to add. Have a read here. I have never had much trouble with 98 64MB 0r 128Mb i personally think that anything over 128 is over kill.


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by Jacky Howe In reply to Really

The system will look after that for you. If you start deleting anything you will end up with an unstable OS. Or no PC.

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by SO.CAL Guy In reply to 98 SE Memory Manager

windows 98 se will pick up that you have installed new memory and ajust the swapfile

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You can stick as much RAM as you like up to 768 MEG

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 98 SE Memory Manager

Anything above that amount will not be recognised by Win 98 SE without using a Hack to change the Upper Memory Limit.

Unless you have manually set the above things like Swap File Windows will do the correct settings automatically and you'll not even notice the changes.

But if you want to exceed the 768 MEG upper Limit there is a Hack to Windows that needs to be applied but I would have to look for it as I haven't had the need to use anything like that in a very long time.


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More Info, Please

by dsbened In reply to You can stick as much RAM ...

Thanks for replying to my question, but I'm still confused.

Let's say that I go from 128MB RAM up to 512MB, and then a month later I go down to 256MB.

Do I have to make changes to my System.Ini file "Paging File", "EMM Exclude" or "VCache" entries, or does 98SE do that automatically?

Also, if I do change the RAM, can I delete those entries, and then will 98se automatically write them upon boot-up?

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If the system is as installed and no one

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to More Info, Please

Has messed with it and reset the defaults you don't have to touch anything as the changes will be accepted and the values altered by the OS automatically to what M$ consider the best available options.

If there have been manual changes made then you'll have to alter these to allow the system to work at peek efficiency.

Provided that you don't exceed the 512 MEG you'll not have any problems on a Standard Install of 98.


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To Recap

by dsbened In reply to If the system is as insta ...

So in theory, I can add or subtract RAM at any time, and then delete the "Paging File", "EMM Exclude", or "VCache" entries in my System.ini file, and 98SE will re-write the needed entries automatically?

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Defiantly NO!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to To Recap

You can change RAM as much as you like and the Page File will alter to suit the available RAM.

The EMM Exclude will just MAP the available RAM and allow the best performance possible to occur.

The same applies to the VCache as it will be altered by the available RAM and give you the best performance possible with what RAM is currently available.

The only thing that you need to remember is that Windows 98 has an upper limit of 768 MEG so it will Not Map any RAM above this point without some intervention by the user. But unless you need to run some RAM Intensive program installing an amount greater than this will actually cause the system to slow down. I've used up to 1 GIG of RAM on a 98 Platform but as it was only used for some Graphic Intensive work the loss in time to actually Map the Extra RAM was offset by the ability of the RAM to move data around faster than would otherwise have been possible so in that particular case the process was actually speeded up but this is the exception rather than the Norm.


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Final Wrap-up

by dsbened In reply to Defiantly NO!

Thank you so much for being extemely helpful & patient with my issue!

My scenario is that I like to swap hard-drives between PC's that are running Win98SE. I only use various RAM sizes between 128-512MB in those machines.

So every time I change hard-drives between PC's, it's ok if I delete the System.ini entries regarding to PageFile, EmmExclude, and VCache, and 98SE will automatically write-in those entries as needed upon boot-up, right?

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Provided that the hardware is identical

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Final Wrap-up

That is what should happen.

But if you are swapping HDD's between different Hardware Windows shouldn't be able to load as you will not have the correct drivers installed.


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