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98 will not boot

By mcgrewdavid ·
I have pc that when it boots to Win98, the monitor goes blank, in other words, when it gets to the Win98 screen. What is the deal?

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by Oz_Media In reply to 98 will not boot

You'll need to offer more info.

Do you have integrated graphics, a PCI/AGP card or both?

By blank, is there a cursor shown or is it comlpetely black.

Does your hard drive sipn up or do you get any beeps when booting?

When did this begin, have you added anything new (graphics card etc?)

HOW MUCH RAM do you have? Did you recently add more before this happened?

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by TheChas In reply to 98 will not boot

Does it boot al the way into W98?

Or does it lock up at the point where the screen goes blank?

If it continues to boot, the video mode is set to a resolution or refresh rate that is not supported by your monitor.

You need to boot into safe mode. (F

Enter display properties.

Set the video to 16 color 640 * 480 mode.

Then, re-boot into Windows.

You should now be able to set the colors and screen resolution as desired.


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by miotti In reply to 98 will not boot

Repeating what the other colleagues said before, we need more info!

Does your machine boot into windows if you choose the option: SAFE MODE?

Please indicate what was the last operation you did before the computer started playing up? Have you installed any programs, any hardware?

More details!

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