9800GT Nvidia 1GB - Problem

By amir_mattar86 ·
Hello people , my problem goes like that :

Your Nvidia graphics card is not receiving sufficient power , As a result , the graphics card has lowered its performance to a level that allows continued safe operation ..

When am trying to play some game the system crashes ..I checked the power connections and it seems to be ok :S .I have 6pin that splits to two white connectors .what should i do ???

My system :
Windows Xp SP2
CPU - Q6600
2X2GB Kingston 800MHz
Motherboard -Gigabyte- EP45C-DS3R
Power Supply : 600W

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Re: 9800GT Nvidia 1GB - Problem

by kevin In reply to 9800GT Nvidia 1GB - Probl ...

What brand is your GPU and your PSU Amir?

I've run into 500-6000W PSU's that can't supply enough sustained juice to power the 9800GT in 1GB Capacities, but typically the system browns out and crashes, I've never actually seen that error before. This is also usually on 'generic' power supplies though.

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9800GT Nvidia 1GB - Problem

by amir_mattar86 In reply to Re: 9800GT Nvidia 1GB - P ...

My GPU is Gigabyte 9800GT 1GB DDR3 Nvidia driver .
the manual says that the minimum power for the product 500W with minimum 12V current rating of 24A and my PSU is 600W 12V rating of 34A ..
The GPU is brand new it's two days old :S ..
I installed the sims2 game just to see if it's working but the windows crach and reset it self

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Did you even look at those Power Requirements?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to 9800GT Nvidia 1GB - Probl ...

That is 288 W that are required for this Video Card seems just a Tad excessive doesn't it?

I would be looking at one of the better Brand Name Power Supplies to provide the required power for this Card as none of the No Brand Names not even a Gigabyte could provide that amount of power to one device. Maybe a Antec 800 W may be powerful enough on one Power Circuit to deliver that type of power but using a KW every 4 Hours is a Massive drain of any Power Supply.

Most modern AC units do not use that much power.


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