9x machine(ME) will not access shares on XP SP2 or Win2k

By Cilbuperhcet ·
There are 3 computers connected (wire) to a router.
All three have the same username and password. All firewalls disabled.
ME (FAT); 2k(C:FAT32;NTFS) and XP Sp2 (NTFS). I struggled for ages to get anything to talk to XP and finally discovered I needed to allow the group Everyone to access the network. So now
XP accesses 2K and ME just fine.
2K accesses XP and ME just fine

BUT - When ME tries to access XP, the message is "\\XP is not accessible. No permission to access resource." I can ping XP by name and IP but thats all. NET VIEW produces error 5. Net use \\IPofXP\C$ produces a request for a password but the logon password does not work

When ME tries to access 2K, a window appears
Resource: \\2k\IPC$
but the normal logon on password does not work
Again ping is fine but NET VIEW produces error 5.

So, what is different about the poor little 9x machine that means no one will let it in!!!
and what do I have to do to get it allowed access.

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