A annoying problem

By look-4-more ·
im starting a new thread with all my infomation

Hi i need help to fix a problem with my computer

I have a
hp 2.8ghz intel pentium 4
1 gig ram
120 gig harddrive
nvidia geforce 7600gs agp graphics card
and am running Windows Xp
have latest nvidia driver
have latest direct x
my memory settings are inital size 1534 and max size 3000

and my power supply says this on the side of it
Enlight GPS 300 CN -101 A
p/n 83043c9a2
Ac input 115v~10a
Frequency 50-60hz
peak 350w
rated 300w

f5v +3.3V +12v1 +12v2 -12v +5vsb
20a 20L 8A 14a 0.8a 2a
120W max 96W 168W 9.6w 10w

(some of the dc output numbers might be a little different) bad hand writing

my problem is this i cannot get most games to work i can play the old enemy territory ,warcraft 3 ,quake 1 2 3 4,
how ever i cannot get alot of newer games to work like quakewars oblivion BF2 Bf2142 etc etc

what the computer does when i try to load 1 of the games is 1 of 4 things it

1 Most commonly it goes to load shows the flash screen ie Enemy Territory quake wars and some cool graphics then propares to load then goes to a black screen then closes

2 or sometimes it goes to load get to the same part as above comes up with the My favourite windows msg etqw.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close sorry for the inconvience then if i ask for details it gives me
Appname-etqw.exe appver-1.0.10745.32242 modver-5.3.2600.2180 offset-000168be modname-dinput8.dll then a whole lot of technical mombojumble and i cannot copy and paste it for u guys for some reason is there another way i can get it for u?

3 this happens rarely it comes up with The instruction at "0x6e26324" refrenced memory at "0x006d2870". the memory could not be "written"

4 THIS HAPPENS VERY VERY VERY etc etc .... rarely it works and is fine till i close it and try to start it again

What i have tried i have deleted video drivers reinstalled them tryed older versions
have done the same with direct X
have Formatted the hard drive and reinstalled everything
have cleared and created a new swap file
have defraged the drive ran chkdsk ran disk cleanup
i have 60 gig or so free atm so space is not a problem
have tried running the games in compatability mode

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A few things to try...........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to A annoying problem

Even though it's #3 on your list of frequency, try searching for the exact wording of the error you reported getting. IF you get many different numbered errors, search for them all. Those numbers are important and can lead you to a solution. Most often, it has nothing to do with the hardware itself, OTHER than possibly a corrupt DLL file that gets installed and not updated/patched.

You said the #1 frequent problem is that it goes black and closes. More often than not, this is a graphics card issue, either directx or card drivers that, when pushed, can't handle the load as it tries to switch your screen resolution to what the game requires. Again, searching for the error(s) might shead some light on what's causing it. Also check the game web site forums to see if there are specific game issues with your particular hardware. Nearly ALL games have patches that need to be applied after the software is installed which are based on your particular hardware configuration.

For frequency #2 listed, the etqw.exe file is for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Do you get this error when attempting to play some other game, or just on that particular game? If just that game, search the game's web site forum for possible answers. Lots of them come up on an internet search. If you get that error when trying other games, Quake isn't ending itself properly. There's a fix for that in one of the game forums that I stumbled into.

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heres the error for #3

by look-4-more In reply to A few things to try...... ...

its not 1 game it seems to be alot of games
but alot of games work too the frequency 2 comes up with alot of games not just etqw its the same for bf2 bf2142

The instruction at "0x6e26324" refrenced memory at "0x006d2870". the memory could not be "written" is the error msg for No3

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Check your numbers.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to heres the error for #3

Searching for those specific numbers returns absolutely nothing. Check your numbers please. If I'm not mistaken, each number should have 10 digits/characters and the error should look something like this:

The instruction at "0x77f41d24" referenced memory at "0x00000000." The memory could not be written.

Of course, your numbers would be different.

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yeah heres the right 1s

by look-4-more In reply to Check your numbers....... ...

0x6ce26324 and 0x006d2870 sorry

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Can not find anything..........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to A annoying problem

I can find absolutely no reference anywhere to those specific error numbers (as corrected).

The only thing I can find while searching for blank screen when game starts was at the quake game web site where it said:

"I have Trend Micro Antivirus 2007 and it seems to crash ETQW for me too. I can play single player mode fine, but as soon as I try to create an online account and access the Internet, Windows alerts me that the file etqw.exe has encountered an error and must close. Even when I supposedly disable Trend Micro, this happens. I would really prefer not to uninstall Trend Micro and have no AV software just so I can play online. I hope there's a fix for this sometime soon."

So, I guess that's a place to start looking for help. Are you running Trend Micro? You might want to take just one game, say the quake game, and try tracking down what the problem is with that game. You may be able to fix them all by concentrating on just one.

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by scott_heath In reply to A annoying problem

Reseat everything. CPU, RAM, Video Cards, and cables. Still doesn't work? Do you have 2 memory DIMMS? Pull one and see what happens. It will be slow, but I ran BF2 and Oblivion with 512MB for a bit. Can you get a different HD even if it is small? If non-3D apps run forever with no issues, could be the video card. See if a buddy will loan you his or something.

Let me know how it goes.

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