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    A Challenge for all Virus and Computer Superwizards


    by nim238 ·

    A few days ago I operated windows update as my system told me. Then from Friday, i turned my machine on, i typed my password in and logged in. Thereafter my mouse and keyboard seemed to become completely immobile. It confused the hell out of me. I havent done anyting wrong and I ve had this computer for three months. I was using Norton Antivirus and this still infiltrated my system.I am using my laptop via windows 98 and a cable modem. I do not go to bad siteds and i dont know why this happend to me.

    Any help would be a godsend.
    Dazed and Confused.

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      A few questions to ask of you

      by why me worry? ·

      In reply to A Challenge for all Virus and Computer Superwizards

      First of all, why are you using Windows 98 in today’s day and age? Second of all, simply having Norton Antivirus is not enough. Are your virus definitions up to date and how often do you keep it updated? Third of all, if you are using a cable modem to go online, do you at least go through a cable router that has a built in firewall to protect you from being hacked? Windows XP has a built in firewall, but being that you are running on Windows 98, which has no firewall feature, and assuming you are not shielded from hackers by a cable router, I would assume your machine was compromised or you may have spyware on it. Last but not least, if you subscribe to P2P file swapping services such as Kazaa and Morhpeus, then you have exposed yourself to hackers and viruses. Do yourself a favor and go buy a 4 port cable router (not wireless), and upgrade your laptop to Windows XP SP2 if your hardware will allow it.

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      IT Consultant? And you can’t figure this one out?

      by why me worry? ·

      In reply to A Challenge for all Virus and Computer Superwizards

      Dude, go find another line of work if stuff like this is too challenging for you to answer! If my doctor had to ask me how to perform an X-Ray, I’d be running out the door and looking for a new doctor. I don’t mean to sound rude or nasty, but do not go advertising yourself as an “IT Consultant” if simple desktop issues like this are beyond your control. I’d personally be embarrased to even mention this to fellow peers in the IT industry, because you will look like a newbie amateur not worthy of calling yourself an “IT Consultant”.

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      Not enough info

      by jackuvalltrades ·

      In reply to A Challenge for all Virus and Computer Superwizards

      Dazed, there really isn’t enough information in this post to assist you much. Bring the machine up in safe mode first. Look through the startup files (sysedit and system configuration tool) for suspicious entries. Try installing and running HiJackThis - – and post the findings to one of many sites such as to help you interpret it.

      I suspect that you might be a victim of one or more of several things (in no certain order):
      1) Misbehaving driver
      2) DLL conflict caused by the update
      3) Registry bloat (common in 95/98/ME)
      4) Trojan/worm that snuck in under the radar
      5) Possible hardware failure, especially the hard drive or memory.

      Good luck with this. Please post more info as you go and we can be a lot more specific helping you.

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      not a virus

      by john.a.wills ·

      In reply to A Challenge for all Virus and Computer Superwizards

      I think your mouse and keyboard cables have become disconnected. Pull them out of the back of the box and then plug them back in.

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        Isn’t he talking about a laptop?

        by jackuvalltrades ·

        In reply to not a virus

        Or did I miss something? Darned good suggestion, though.

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      Reply To: A Challenge for all Virus and Computer Superwizards

      by fun_85 ·

      In reply to A Challenge for all Virus and Computer Superwizards

      well mr nim as u have said that ur mouse and ur keyboard were seemed to be jam so why should no u check ur ports for tught connection might the ports become lose or let u restart ur computer and then seee what happens next

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      safe mode

      by rich ·

      In reply to A Challenge for all Virus and Computer Superwizards

      Does it happen in safe mode? If not, start msconfig and turn off all the loading programs. Restart into regular mode. If it works, then simply restart each program in msconfig until you get the bad one.
      If you think it’s a virus, do scan from safe mode with Norton (updated of course)

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      by somebozo ·

      In reply to A Challenge for all Virus and Computer Superwizards


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        by andrew06 ·

        In reply to ID10T

        Win 98…+ Cable Modem….+ Norton = lack of sense?

        Surely if he is an IT consultant, he’d be on a large domain? (is that a reasonable conclusion, since it’d be a large company?).

        Maybe some internal faults? Open your laptop, find this thing called a “hard drive” and smash it.

        That’ll solve your 98 problems. Oh, you wanted help with your mouse…sorry.

        Quote “ID10T” – ifarooq


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      Problem is easy to solve

      by dbucyk ·

      In reply to A Challenge for all Virus and Computer Superwizards

      I had encountered this exact problem a few years ago when I went to Windows Update.

      The problem is that if you updated Windows and had downloaded even a driver update, there is a slim chance that it could reverse the drivers and there is an easy way to solve it.

      If you haven’t turned on your computer more than five times, but I am sure you did, you could have booted into command prompt by holding on to the F8 key.

      Then type scanreg /restore to restore your computer to a time to where everything was working.

      There is other ways to solve this. Boot your computer and go to the command prompt. Type in scanreg /fix and try it from there.

      If that doesn’t fix it, then go into safe mode and check the device manager to see if there is any irq conflicts (through system). If there is, then you’ll have to determine which two. You’ll have to manually assign free irq’s based on what is free on your system, keeping in mind that IRQ 12 is for the mouse.

      Hope that this is of some help.
      Add Dr. Watson.exe, while in safe mode, to system is to boot you

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