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A Challenge

By JamesRL ·
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I offer up to my friends at TechRepublic a little contest.

We seem to have a troll lurking in our midst. Now I've seen and dealt with trolls for years in other forums, but I know there are some here with a unique wit, and frankly I would enjoy seeing a bit of a friendly competition just before the holidays.

So I suggest this:

Read this thread.

And post your best ORIGINAL troll smack on this fun loving troll. More points for directing it in the context of the discussion. Humour is highly valued, fighting bile with bile, discouraged.

I will donate a box of Candy canes, mailled to your location to the best response. I will either judge myself, or see if we can entice someone neutral from TechRepublic (Ohhhhh Beeethhhh!). I suggest the contest close by the Friday Yuk.


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Just in case you haven't been following the thread...

by Tig2 In reply to A Challenge

James- NC is the target? If so,I shall join in with pleasure!

What a wonderful idea this is! I would only ask that Nick's response be counted as the first entrant, even if it does precede the official contest. It was a good response and worthy of consideration.

And I will cheerfully add to that box of candy canes and ship the winner a pair of pink ribbon duckies!

This should be good!

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I thought that would have been sooo obvious

by JamesRL In reply to Just in case you haven't ...

that I didn't single out No User.

He seems to be fixated on a number of new posters, and it would be a shame to lose them.


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Probably is obvious James

by Tig2 In reply to I thought that would have ...

He has stuck his thorn in other sides in other threads. But just in case someone hadn't been watching the play by play...

Really wish I understood what the issue is. We rarely see someone so vitriolic.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Probably is obvious James

I havent been monitoring that thread in a while. I do see that there are a lot of new posts, and I hate to say it, most are not even worth commenting on (especially NO USER). What a complete moron. I wouldnt give this person any credit or response at all. He/She is not worth any effort (kind of like a surface zit that only needs to be touched to pop).
There are too many comments for my busy day right now (so far this week) to bother reading and following. But, I think I will follow this contest when time permits, cause it oughtta be a good one.
Good idea for the contest.

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by GSG In reply to Probably is obvious James

Maybe he's constipated. I recommend a nice ice water enema.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Constipated?

lol, what an evil idea. Makes me shiver just reading it. Please don't do that again -- -- lol

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Strange fellow isn't he

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to A Challenge

Uses twerp and jerk in the same post, almost as though he's trying too hard to be offensive.

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My theory

by JamesRL In reply to Strange fellow isn't he

is that like any troll, he craves attention. So tried ignoring him, and he kept hitting on others....

This is a problem on many news groups, and sometimes mocking them consistently makes them go away.


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Probably right

by w2ktechman In reply to My theory

but I will add, that usually this kind of behaviour is related to an attention starved dumba$$ that thinks that it is their duty to contradict common sense and try to bully others into their crooked thinking.
Heck, maybe its just a sugar imbalance (see Titus --Norman Rockwell is Bleeding).

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The 7 seas of cheese

by jpenrose In reply to Strange fellow isn't he

I've cast my net in many forums over the years and I've seen this guy everywhere I go. Claims a big role (Manager in this case) talks a big shoe (hats off to Sullivan) and then proceeds to curb stomp anyone in his path. I did the lamb lies down thing and put up the sappy post to try and draw him out (worked) but then got a little sucked in by his craptastic replies (shame on me).

Oh, and hi; I'm new to posting @ TR but have been a long time reader of the inbox stuff. Nice setup you have here. Looks like a good place to stop a while and hang out. I haven't been regular in a BBS since the Securely Speaking days a ways back down the road.

Looking forward to seeing some quality troll hunting. I guess I'll keep that thread subscription a while longer...


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