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      Teachers Ethics and Opinions

      by artytech ·

      In reply to A COMMON MAN

      It seems to me that the state of the educations system has changed drastically in recent years.  Instead of teachers teaching students the knowledge that they know and inspiring them to new levels using their own attributes, they tend to teach students their opinions and ethics on their view of the world.  Past accomplishments of great stride in any given field has come from unconventional thinking in that particular field.  Some of the most profound advancements have come from individuals not formally trained in the field that they made their “leaps of faith”.  History is full of examples of this act of rebellion to the norm or the accepted way of thinking.  I believe that if we as a whole are to make any worthwhile advancements in any form have got to start teaching that which is known to students while encourging them to express their own thoughts that are not of conventional knowledge.  I also believe that this teaching of knowledge should be free and available to all who wish to obtain it.  How many Einstein’s, Bach’s, Feynman’s, etc. are out their slaving to survive without realizing their true potental because they do not have the money or rescorces to obtain a degree?  How many new advances are not being developed because of degree holders thinking that because someone dosen’t have a degree they don’t know?  How many new technologies are not considered because someone out there is being stopped by someone who doesn’t want to lose “their” share of the dollar? 

      Knowledge should be what we pass on to those who choose to want to know it at no charge.  After all we have all come this far by someone passing on the knowledge that they knew.  Think about it for awhile….would a parent not pass on the knowledge that the hot stove would burn their child unless they paid them a fee for it?  I mean it only makes sense.  If you are selling a product would it not be condusive to have as many people know how to use it and then they would want to purchase it more to use what they have learned.  I mean if I would want someone to buy my product I would show everyone how to use it inside and out.  So why would they want to buy something that they knew nothing about or had to pay to learn how to use what they just bought.  


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        Teachers Ethics and Opinions

        by gunnar klevedal ·

        In reply to Teachers Ethics and Opinions

        Yes it is nice if people want , what you wish to give them. But You have to eat too 

        timeout, library closes

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      Life and Meaning

      by artytech ·

      In reply to A COMMON MAN

      Is it man’s search for meaning? or A meaning searching Man?

      It seems that the drive for anyone in life is to acheive the things that are important to them based upon what they have learned in life.  Some are driven by what was taught to them by their parents or deemed important by their peers.  But when it gets right down to it I wonder how many people’s search is based upon what they themselves deem important in life.  Is it money? recognition? fame? an ideal relationship? an inate desire to please other people? A desire to be important in one’s own mind? someone else’s mind?  And in the lack of a search does the meaning keep a person going when all else is lost or gone or deminished? 

      Regardless of what anyone does in life it is something that keeps them going wheather they realize it or not.  Does anyone take the time to contemplate what it is that drives them to do what they do?  Is it the joy of doing it or the doing it that brings them joy?  Alot of people list things that they cannot live without but what is the one thing that they truely need to keep going? That one thing that brings them hope when everything else fails. Is it something that  they ever think about and cultivate it to incorporate it into their lives to enrich themselves and those around them? 

      A collection of memories and dreams, things that have been done and said either good or bad that give me hope to continue on this journey.  A desire to learn and embrace the fear of change that is the only thing that is constant in this or any life.  The realizitation that as things change I also change wheather I want to or not.  May anyone who reads this be changed in some way hopefully for the better.  May you remember the good and forget the bad and to always have hope that things will change.

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