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A Condolence Book in the memory of James Kim

By HAL 9000 Moderator ·
As we all know by now James Kim the Senior Editor from C Net died in unfortunate circumstances recently. So I thought it would be a good idea if we lowly IT Types who have benefited from the work of people like James where to get together and wish his family well for their future as well as those others left behind that where touched by James.

To every one affected by the Death of James Kim I wish you all the best and sincerely Hope that you find a way to cope with his passing.

Colin Luck

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My heart goes out to his widow and children

by maecuff In reply to A Condolence Book in the ...

I can't imagine how difficult this must be. I wish them the very best and hope they find joy in each other and find comfort in the memory of their husband and father.

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100 years are not long enough to be selfish

by huetvang In reply to My heart goes out to his ...

I hope people would finally understand that we only have 100 years. We live and we die. It's the journey that will makes us be remember and become truly human. People like James has show me and I hope all of us that we need to put others before ourself like friends, families, and love ones.

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Could Not Have Said it Better

by Tig2 In reply to 100 years are not long en ...

And I thank you.

Life is what we individually make it.

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An inspiration

by DMambo In reply to A Condolence Book in the ...

I can't imagine a braver nor more honorable way to pass than to save the lives of one's family.

My deepest condolences to his widow and child.

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A very insperational example of how to live

by jdclyde In reply to A Condolence Book in the ...

The more I read of his and about him, the more amazing I find him to be. He definitely has left big footprints behind.

Best wishes to his family.

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Never forgotten

by Tig2 In reply to A Condolence Book in the ...

I have kept the family of James Kim in thought and prayer since they disappeared. I am thankful for the rescue of Kati and his daughters and mourn the passing of a good man.

You have my deepest sympathy.

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by Jaqui In reply to A Condolence Book in the ...

that is two in the last two weeks.
over the weekend of dec 1,2 a friend passed on from a brain anurism, then James Kim.

I wonder who the third is going to be.. this year.

to many deaths, specially at this time of year.

I'm at a perpetual loss of words at this, how can anyone be expected to say the right thing 20 or 30 times a year?

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Same here ...

by jasonhiner Moderator In reply to well..

I was back home in northern Indiana for my grandfather's funeral when I got the news that they found James's body.

Sorry to hear about your friend with the brain aneurysm - that is a frightening thing, and unpredictable. It can sneak up and kill someone who seems totally healthy.

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well, in his case

by Jaqui In reply to Same here ...

he was at home in bed.

and he was found soon enough afterwards that there was an open casket service, he didn't lie around for a long time decomposing.

odd, I just remembered, this time last year I found a neighbor who had passed away.
[ only a few hours later, I smelled the urine from her bladder emptying. ]

hey, between the two of us that's the three.
~crossing fingers~

it's the worst time of year for anyone to pass on, yet it's also quite a common occurence. big family time and losing family members / friends / associates, doesn't seem right that they go hand in hand so often.

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He Shall Be Missed indeed.

by Aaron A Baker In reply to A Condolence Book in the ...

I was very sorry to hear about the passing of James Kim.His contribution is immeasurable,though I didn't know James personally, I certainly knew "Of" him from his work.I can only wish his family my sincerest Sympathies and condolences.
May they find they're way through the darkness of this time, blessed by many friends and relatives.
James was unique and his kind hall not pass this way again.
Let us therefore cherish our memories of James and wish his Family Well.
Rest in Peace James.

Thanks for the Heads up on the Book Col.

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