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    A couple of ASP.NET Questions


    by amanda_wonnacott ·

    If you created a form with an imput field named “txtname” and submitted it using the get method, how would you retreive the value in an script?

    What is the difference between ADO and

    what is the name of the event handler that activates when the page is visited

    what is the technique that allows you to automatically send data back to form controls on a web page

    what object-orientated feature enables you to create code that can be applied to objects that are derived form different classes

    what property of a textbox woud you reference to obtain the visitors entry

    which template includes the values from the database

    what are the five different methods for mainitaing state in pages

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      A couple of ASP.NET Questions

      by amanda_wonnacott ·

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      Point value changed by question poster.

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      A couple of ASP.NET Questions

      by ncseric ·

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      This sure sounds like you’re copying questions from a school assignment. There’s not enough room to answer them all…the differences between ADO and ADO.NET fill books.

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