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A cry for help, a cry for sanity

By keislerd ·
I have a question that has been bugging me for a long time and I am not smart enough to find the answer on my own. Here is the issue. When I go to save a file, the ?look in? dialog box pops up and to the left of that box I am given the options:
1) My Recent Documents, 2) Desktop, 3) My documents, 4) My Computer, 5) My Network places -- This could be a very handy and time saving feature, but in reality none of my choices actually appear in this list. Moreover, due to the fact that
1)some of us still remember DOS and prefer to know where files are stored
2)?My Documents? can be buried multiple folders deep and cause file length problems
3)some of us don?t trust the ?My documents? folder to contain everything we want to back up or protect
4)some of us have lots and lots of ?My Documents? and need a bit more depth or filing breadth than ?My Documents?
The question is how do I, break out of the ?MY? this and ?MY? that mold and actually create in this case a useful list of ?look in? box options. Is there no opportunity for creativity ? to create useful links like ?C or ?Project 1? or something original? If the opportunity for individualism still exists, and I am not talking about the ability to change ?skins? or ?colors of skins? (what a waste of time and computing talent that is ? besides you mean to tell me people actually care about their skin? How vane!)how do us commoners actually change options ? specifically like the ?look in? box of short cut options below that would save some of us time on the computer so we can get away from the darn computer and get outside into reality! So, Help, I need help !
Finally, I am more than happy for you to use this to share with your readers, but would you please email me the answer, because I spend way to much time on the computer now and by design or default, I haven?t found the answer to this question yet.

Many thanks
Duane H. Keisler
Professor, Animal Sciences

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by scndtnr In reply to A cry for help, a cry for ...

You can add shortcuts to the "Look In" section thusly: 1. Highlight the desired folder in the explorer window. 2. Click on Tools. 3. Click on "Add to "My Places".
I do not know of a way to remove the default items (My Recent Documents, Desktop, My documents, My Computer, My Network places), but you can move the items up/down the list by right clicking on the icon and choosing the desired direction.

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by LiamE In reply to A cry for help, a cry for ...

Okay - what you need to do is add locations to your "My Places" list.

In say Word, if you open the open or save as dialogues you get the chance to do just that.

To add the C: drive for instance, in the save as dialogue open my computer from your my places list and highlight the C: in the main paine. From the tools menu select "Add to My Place". It will be at the bottom of the list and in some screen resolution you wont be able to see it. If you can't turn on small icons by right clicking the list. You can then order the list by moving items up and down from the command in the right hand click menu.

From there its just a short step to creating your own directory structure on whatever storage you chose and adding that to the list.

Good Luck

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to A cry for help, a cry for ...

And then I get back to my darn computer....
No e-mail of the answer I'm afraid as you are not getting my mail address. No Way Mr. k.

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by CG IT In reply to A cry for help, a cry for ...

For Word, Excel or whatever Office program, you can use "Save As" and that gives you a choice of where to save the document and the format. you can create folders in any partition on your computer and rename them. To find them you use Explorer, or My Computer, or search.

Note: By default Office Programs save documents to the My Documents Folder.

Only problem using Save As is that you have to remember where you saved everything.

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