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    A Disaster waiting to happen


    by jterry ·

    I have been reading a lot lately from people saying not to use IE or Windows. They suggest switching to Firefox or Linux etc. They say that way they don’t have to worry about security. I believe that the only reason IE and Windows has a problem is because they are Microsoft. I have no problems with either one at home or at work because I stay up to date on my updates and patches and I run weekly maintenance programs. I believe those who switch have a false sense of security because their systems have not been targeted as much YET! Windows and IE have a company backing them up which does create patches for their systems when new attacks occur. Who is backing the open source systems?

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      I agree!

      by jdmercha ·

      In reply to A Disaster waiting to happen

      Using Firefox (or other alternates to MS) is like cutting a steak with a spoon. Sure it is possible, and it still tastes as good. It’s just not as efficient.

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        I agree too!

        by dafe2 ·

        In reply to I agree!

        But we both know where this discussion is headed….don’t we?

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      Always worry about security

      by cactus pete ·

      In reply to A Disaster waiting to happen

      You should ALWAYS sorry about security.

      Linux and Firefox are just built with more of a focus on security than MS products are. That’s all, you still have to know what you’re using and how to use it.

      I happen to like both sides, but I use Firefox instead of IE whenever I can.

      Were I you, I would try out the alternatives, and give them a chance to see how you like them. Then determine what you like versus what you don’t, and make a decision then.

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      Give peace a chance…

      by jessie ·

      In reply to A Disaster waiting to happen

      At home, I use XP and Firefox. The main things I like about Firefox are that it is built to be more secure (not just because hackers aren’t trying) AND it has features that IE hasn’t even THOUGHT about, like you can have 15 different tabs of internet sites all open at once in the same browser window, and you can save all 15 of them as your home pages. PLUS, it automatically blocks popups (with IE you have to download a toolbar for that) and doesn’t allow active-x highjacking.

      TRY it… it’s free after all, and if you don’t like it, you can always uninstall, and go back to IE.

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      Without getting religious I must point out

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to A Disaster waiting to happen

      a few things.

      First, I have been using FireFox and it does work nicely. It has been my default browser for home and work for over six months not and no problems. I have almost nothing found when I run AdAware now.

      Do a search on why there are not ANY in the wild viruses for Linux right now and you will see it has NOTHING to do with market share. It isn’t like linux/unix are new to the internet. What do you think it started on, and still have the lions share of the web servers?

      There have been viruses written for Unix/Linux but they don’t spread because they can’t escalate permissions to take a box over.

      There are some really good papers out there on the subject.

      And who is supporting open source? The global community.

      Who is going to come up with a fix. MS who will assign writing a patch to someone or a workgroup after it is known and they put in a 9 to 5 to get it done? Or will the hundreds of thousands of coders who will receive credit and standing among peers for being the one to come up with a fix first?

      What makes you work harder? Working for a paycheck week after week or doing something you love that will give you global recogition?

      That is why opensource has a proven track record of a faster turn around from time of exploit to patch release.

      MS has sat on exploits for over six months without doing anything, because paying people to fix flawed software does NOT bring in revenue.

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        Issue a challenge

        by jterry ·

        In reply to Without getting religious I must point out

        If you think hackers cannot write a virus that can do damage to Linux/Unix or Firefox than issue a challenge for them to try.

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          Reply To: A Disaster waiting to happen

          by choppit ·

          In reply to Issue a challenge

          No-one ever said that viruses don’t affect Linux, just that at present (and historically) they present less of a threat. Regardless of which OS or browser you use , the need to apply good security practices still applies.

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          They’re in for a surprise

          by dnixon ·

          In reply to Reply To: A Disaster waiting to happen

          As a PC/Mac technician, I’ve discovered that Mac users are generally less knowledgeable about file managment and OS security. I think that Macophiles are going to be in for a surprise when they get targeted….

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          The challenge was issued

          by tony hopkinson ·

          In reply to Issue a challenge

          as soon as firefox and linux became popular alternatives. Hacking types have their own peer approval system. Hacking something that ‘can’t be hacked’ gets more points. As for the mal and adware boys, they are beavering away at it right now, their motivation isn’t hurt Bill, it’s reach as large an audience as possible.

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      I THINK

      by derexzaid ·

      In reply to A Disaster waiting to happen

      They will not have to worry…….for now. Because there are more IE users than those of LINUX of Firefox. Let me put this simply as this. IE is more popular for those first time users rather than those of LINUX which are not familiar to the first time users.And if more people are there the more security hackers will be produced. the lesser the people are……. you know what i mean. (,”)

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        by roger99a ·

        In reply to I THINK

        Hypothesis: Hackers hate rich, successful, monopolistic Microsoft. They love Linux. Why would they attack what they love? Why give evil Microsoft anything to crow about?
        I don’t believe that ‘nix systems are immune at all, but they don’t occupy the niche that the virus writers are after.

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          That isn’t the profile of todays hacker

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Hate

          Todays hacker is part of organized crime, looking for ways to do Identity theft.

          They are writing more trojans and keystroke loggers as well as the many phishing scams going on to get your account information.

          You still have the old hackers, doing it because they can. But they are getting to be the minority out there.

          A *nix box can be hacked, but not like a windows box. A windows box they have all the automated scripting toys that scan ranges and take over computers automaticly.

          A *nix box they have to work at, one at a time. Looking for systems that are running old versions or unpatched versions and exploiting that.

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      I haven’t heard anyone

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to A Disaster waiting to happen

      say that. Firefox is part of an ongoing strategy, once the bad boys learn how to break it, some one will come up with a tool to clear up. Enough instances and out comes EarthChicken immune to firefox’s vulnerabilities.

      Anyone who knows anything about security knows it’s a never ending battle.

      Linux is inherrently more secure than windows. Should it’s vulnerabilities be exploited, that will be fixed too or may be even a new OS that is even more secure.

      Why because, it’s open source, so no one is doing a cost benefit analyis on whether it’s a commercially viable project.

      P.S. Windows Update is off my Xmas card list, it completely burgered my system last week.

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