A disk read error occured during the start up

By yaanoop ·
When i restart my computer it gives a problem "A disk read error occured press Ctrl+Alt+del to restart " and after i press Ctrl+Alt+del it works fine. But this is the same problem i always have during the windows startup. I have installed the fresh copy of windows Xp twice but didn't get the solution. can anyone please help me with this. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.....

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disk read error

by sparkle_126 In reply to A disk read error occured ...

Does this happen before it boots into windows? Have you modified the bios in some way? Try going into the bios and resetting to defaults.

I dont think that it is a o/s problem, but a modification in the bios or a hard drive problem.

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disk read error

by yaanoop In reply to disk read error

ya i tried for many solutions still it isn't working. i searched into google and tried many solutions. i configured bios option to default. i even checked my RAM (its fine) the hard disk cables are also connected well.
The problem is that it shows A disk read error occured press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" during start up and after pressing
ctrl+alt+del the o/s works fine. i could not realize the problem. can any one suggest solutions so that i could try them?

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Yah i have the same problem your having

by uniquezter In reply to disk read error

I thought that by reinstalling Windows completley it would work. Unfortunatly When i pop in the Windows CD it and reboot it says checking for hardware and then the screen just stays black not doing anything you cant pres ctrl+alt+delete to restart, the only option is to restart the computer. Any Ideas will be helpfull. Oh yah and i already tried defaulting the Bios, maybe its a hard drive issue?

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Does sound like a drive failure

by mjd420nova In reply to A disk read error occured ...

Back that drive up the next time you start it. The hard drive sounds like it is about to fail completely. On the initial boot, the heads are not being positioned properly. This could be a cold start problem, only evident on the first attempt when cold.

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I concur with MDJ

by mikeadams1137 In reply to Does sound like a drive f ...

My first PC I had a bad Maxtor 80 GB would work fine at times, then at times...crash. I would restart get a Disk Read Error, restart it would work..I kept this process going, until the HD crashed 100% and I lost everything.

Sounds like a bad HD, if its under warranty get it replaced, but if you still can, back up your data..also..check to make sure all IDE cables are connected properly. Leave your BIOS after this one, only thing you would want to do there, is make sure its setup as your first boot device, *shrug*..Good luck, hope this helped

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by zukom In reply to A disk read error occured ...

i have a problem pc cannot read from harddrive, cannot read from drive

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Please tell us the exact error text.

by seanferd In reply to error

It is possible your drive is dead, or damage to the MBR or file structure has occurred. Possibly unplugged/ needs cables reseated.

Does it show up in BIOS setup?

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first I'd run chkdsk

by Kenone In reply to A disk read error occured ...

Then while that's running I' go to the disk manufacturer's site and get their diagnostics utility, while your there search for your error message. It might be a bios setting or it might be a disk problem.

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Check the dates

by seanferd In reply to first I'd run chkdsk

The current bit is occurring at the bottom of the thread - zukom can't boot.

No response yet, though.

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Oh Wow!

by Kenone In reply to Check the dates ;)

So the first errors occurred in January 07 and now the drive finally failed? I'd say that was pretty good, 'course should have replaced the drive last year.

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