A dumb question

By bobbb ·
I moderate a small Linux firewall forum and I get this type of question often enough. Like how do I use the unused disk space of my firewall for file sharing (or other apps like mail or web server or whatever). I keep on giving the same opinion that it is a terrible idea to risk compromise of your security system to save a bunch of MB. Am I in left field or just paranoid?

Could I get the opinion of others in this field?

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So, they're worried about a few excess MB

by seanferd In reply to A dumb question

but are wholly unconcerned about using the extra electricity to run a firewall box?

I'd tend to agree- don't use it for other apps. Maybe straight data storage?

I mean, if they have to ask, they probably cannot create a setup where that server could fulfill multiple roles securely.

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I'd leave it alone and let it stand as it is ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to A dumb question

Any benefit they might derive from using this extra space would be far outweighed by the potential problems you've already mentioned.

Just another instance of folks that are never happy until they squeeze the life out of a server, all in the cause of value for money.

Leave the empty bit just that - empty.

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