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A few security tips to prevent Trojan's et al

By eternal_life ·
I have always used these few settins at my home and my own office network right now running win XP pro, the important thing is to take control of your own hardware and it is easily done by 1. not joing the networks " WORKGROUP / HOME make anothet choice of your own as nonsense that make sense for instance ATOMBOMB replaces WORKGROUP, at controlpanel regulate "speech" to not default as I am Sam the Microsoft default voice, set it to very rapid or any other that NOT is the default, then set you computerclock to differ in minutes and seconds and NOT syncronized Internet time update.

Finally ERASE all links from all social media as if you use facebook IMMIDIATELY delete after read, as those links work as a "magnetic Piracy link" linked directly to your harddrive.
And finally a few words about chosing your Password, as the computer sometimes for som weird reason without you have made the choice, you find that your password NOT is able to use for login DEPENDING that the keyboard for some reason is using "kyrillian lettermen" so limit your password to FIGURES, exclusive, it can NEVER go wrong.
Use the defrag tool on regular basis, and be sure you have the ability to boot up via an USB-stick even IF you have teh bootable cd-disc in the optical drive, IF that fails for some reason the USB-stick will back you up and make you able to access your computer, and besides that use the passwords and do not forget to set to "unlimited" on Admin-tools, and in failsafe mode set up at least 5 user account and add some data into each of them data as .doc & .jpg & .mp3. in correct folders. Get to know your admintools if you are advandced and make the admin account to "as part of the system"
This few actions taken do work great for me and have always done.

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