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    A First year computer science student


    by sneceesay77 ·

    I am studying computer science at the university of the Gambia, I just want to know which of the following combinations is the best and please tell me why through your experience.

    1. Computer Science and Math
    2. Computer Science and Physics
    3. Computer Science and Management or Business.

    I need to know so that i can decide which combination to do at the university.

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      by sneceesay77 ·

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      That depends a little bit on where you want to go

      by Anonymous ·

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      I would guess there are more opportunities avaialable to the business track, so it may be the more marketable path (but that is a US perspective, I don’t know that the rest of the workd is quite so obsessed with Business/Politics/Managment as we are).

      If you are seeking a focus in software development in an area such as CAD/CAM, Biotech,etc… Then the strong Math background would be invaluable. Math is fundamental to most everything you might wish to analyze, evaluate or model.

      Physics would probably limit your options the most of the three as it’s application would be more restricted (But if your interest is specifically CAD/CAM for instance, it could certainly be beneficial).

      That is my take on it at any rate. Not sure that I would put too much stock in my opinion, but hopefully it will help a little bit. 😉

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