A friend had a "Personal Security is in Danger" come up on her screen.

By mskarenwam ·
"Active infection found." Trojan Desktop was advertised with a PO# of 303464-ip. It mentioned being a spyware agent. Then "Trojan Downloader.Agent.OSQ."
She cannot access her email, her desktop is gone, Norton Utilities didn't recognize this. She cannot go to a restore point. She can't update Windows security. She cannot access the internet. She has Vista. She was on Facbook at the time. Do you have any advice for her? Her computer is being held hostage until she buys this product! Thanks!

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by Ron K. In reply to A friend had a "Personal ...

My advice is to close the window. Hopefully she's not using Internet Explorer. If she can close the window, immediately do a scan with a trusted antivirus product like Grisoft's AVG, free for home use. Do NOT reboot before doing a scan as it may allow any infection, if she even has one, to go into the root of her drive or infect her computer for real. It's doubtful, but possible, that she actually has an infection.<br>
Whatever you do don't buy that software. Scareware is a term used to describe websites that offer funky software by scaring people into thinking that they have a virus, trojan or worm.<br>
Post back if you have any trouble. <br>
Friends don't let friends use IE. IE has Active X that allows malicious websites to install things you don't want or need. Firefox doesn't use Active X.

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How many days

by santeewelding In reply to A friend had a "Personal ...

Has she been looking at this, numbed by fear?

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Think twice about rebooting, in my post.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to A friend had a "Personal ...

Download MalwareBytes to a flash drive. Disconnect her machine from the Internet. Install and run MalwareBytes. Run a scan. If it doesn't find anything, think about rebooting into Safe Mode and scanning again.

If that works, install Firefox. Hunt down No-Script and Ad-Blocker plus and install to FF.

Best I can come up with. If this helps, thank Ron K. for directing me to your post.

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I'd scan before rebooting then scan again in Safe Mode.

by Ron K. In reply to Think twice about rebooti ...

My experience has been different than yours. I vaguely recall hurting my computer before by rebooting before scanning.<br>

It definitely won't hurt to scan first, then reboot.

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You caught me

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I'd scan before rebooting ...

editing. I'm kinda slow some days...

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I know that feeling. :) (no text)

by Ron K. In reply to You caught me
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Stay Connected

by willcomp In reply to Think twice about rebooti ...

Even the latest MBAM installer may be several weeks old and definitions will need updating prior to scanning. I recommend staying connected to Internet. An alternative is to boot into safe mode with networking for MBAM installation and updating. Then boot into normal mode for scans.

rkill is useful to stop rogue processes which keep MBAM from running.

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Download link for AVG Free.

by Ron K. In reply to A friend had a "Personal ... <br>
It's easy to install; just follow the prompts. You might want to choose custom install and uncheck whatever freebie they're giving away this week. It seems like it's Yahoo toolbar but I can't remember. You'll see it while doing the custom installation. There's no need to change the directory location. <br>
As soon as it's installed check for updates. AVG will want to reboot to complete the installation. I'm not sure if Malwarebytes will. If so there are some online scans that you can do before shutting down. TrendMicro's Housecall is good as are F-Secure and PandaSecurity. You do have to use Internet Explorer for those. The sites need to install an Active X component on your computer. It's safe to do that. I'll look up the links for you.

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Links for online scanners.

by Ron K. In reply to Download link for AVG Fre ...

Panda: <br>
TrendMicro: <br>

F-secure: <br>
If it was my computer I'd do online scans with all 3 tools before rebooting and finishing installations of Malwarebytes and AVG. Then update those and rescan. It's all going to take awhile but weigh that against lost data and reloading your HD and it's not so bad.

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I forgot something important.

by Ron K. In reply to A friend had a "Personal ...

Backup any data - pictures, music and documents, before doing anything as it could easily get lost. <br>
I normally do that right away but I forgot to tell you. :)

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