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A future IT professional

By skrying ·
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The last quarter of school

by skrying In reply to A future IT professional

<p>In a week, I will be entering my last quarter of tech school before I obtain my Associate Degree in Computer Networking Systems.  I realize these days an AS isn't enough, as employers are looking for BS's coupled with certifications and already-existent "real world" experience.  I would like to pick up a part-time IT-related job while working my normal job, just so I can get my foot in the door.  Maybe even an internship.  I am being realistic when I say that I am going to take a pay cut once I break into the IT field.  However, my current job is a little too dangerous and I would rather spend my time dealing with the ever-changing world of computers than the ever-dangerous world of crime and punishment.  At my current job, our tech division does allow internships (although they are located about 2 hours away from where I am located) but the current administration (Govenor), has somewhat put a stop to that and has cut many of the state IT jobs.  In particular, networking.  This obviously is a shame because the state is so large and has so many users.  I have no idea what administration is thinking.  Nonetheless, it will be a journey which I will gladly keep everyone posted.  I am ready to start anywhere and willing to start anything.  I am always open to learning new things and the more I know, the better.</p>

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New part-time job in the IT field

by skrying In reply to A future IT professional

<p>In addition to working a full-time job (not related to IT) and going to school full-time, I now have a new part-time job.  This happens to be in the IT field.  I officially started today & worked a ten-hour shift.  The time flew by & I finally got a chance to apply what I have learned so far at school in a real-life situation.  Er, should I say for a business.  I will be working this job on the nights I won't be at school and also during the weekends.  At least I won't be bored around the house anymore and will get a chance to show my abilities.  So far my new employer is extremely impressed.</p>

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