A good firewall device for A Small Business

By bchekuri ·

Can anyone suggest an affordable (under $1000) firewall device for a network with 25 users, 3 servers?


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by CG IT In reply to A good firewall device fo ...

It's great for making stuff fire resistant.

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by AruJammer In reply to A good firewall device fo ...

In this case i will use a SonicWall TZ170/TZ180 with a SonicOS Enhaced.

This device is easy to install and it's always up to date with the latest internet threads.

Some Specs
-Gateway antivirus
-Client Antivirus
-Content Filtering
-Email Filtering and RBL

No, i'm not working at SonicWall, just happen that we've alot of costumers with a SonicWall devices and they're satisfied

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The sonicwall link is here..

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Another vote for Sonicwall

by jdclyde In reply to The sonicwall link is her ...

you should be able to get a box easily for under 1K.

The sonicwall is easy to use with web based management, and very stable. The support was always decent when I had one. We moved away from it a few years ago (not my choice) and as the admin, I have been the one paying the price ever since.

Stay away from the department store routers unless your doing nothing but allowing your users to access the internet.

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Depending on your

by Dumphrey In reply to A good firewall device fo ...

comfort level,
there are several do it your self options;
Endian Firewall

All are solid performers, and if installed on good hardware, should give you years of trouble free service.

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by ben.rattigan In reply to A good firewall device fo ...

The Check Point VPN-1, they are about ?350 ($700) here not sure what US price would be.

This is a great device, I have these in two sites at the moment as Firewall's with the VPN and site2site VPN setup.

Check this link, I think this is the latest model.

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