A good one! File order on USB pen drive

By david_m_sampson ·
Here's a good one - a million cred points to anyone out there that knows the answer to this one! I have a FM modulator that plays MP3 files on the inserted USB pen drive in the order they are on the drive. I want them to play in a particular order and therefore need to put them on in that order but of course in Windows I can see them in name, size, etc order but not in the raw file order. Any ideas about how I can see what order they are stored on the drive and reorder them so that they play in the right order? Thanks!

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View Details should go close to what you need

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to A good one! File order o ...

And if that doesn't you'll then need to look at the Date & Time Stamps of every file.

Though I think that it would be easier to copy the MP3 one at a time in the order that you want them on the USB Device.


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Thanks but no good

by david_m_sampson In reply to View Details should go cl ...

Thanks for your reply - I tried both before posting my original question. Even when moved one at a time, the order they end up in on the USB drive bears no resemblance to the order in which they are copied. They are not in alphabetical order on the USB drive, nor date and time order. Its very weird! Any other ideas out there?

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Not really

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks but no good

Does the maker have any ideas on how to change this as it seems to be a design problem of the unit in question?

Other than the Most Expensive I Pod on the face of the planet I don't use these things much and even that I Pod represents several days work per quarter to keep clean and in order well the computer anyway as he keeps loosing what he's placed on the HDD and I take a few days to find out where he's managed to hide everything. Last week I remover 35 GIG of music from the machine and still had the original 11 GIG present which is the 3,000 + Tracks that he uses. He somehow managed to copy there to some very deep folders on the HDD and then erase the originals in an attempt to make some space on a full HDD.

If you can not sort them and placing them on one at a time causes them not to play in order that they where added to the USB Stick is there a program available to change the Play Order?

Sounds like a very poor design no matter what.

OK you've addressed the only things that you can do to the USB storage device so the answer must lie in the controls of the actual device as to how to play the MP3's. I would be going back and demanding either for them to make it work as you want it to or get a refund because this is useless to attempt to use. The entire point of any MP3 player is the ability to play music in the order that you want it to and not how it wants to work.

Unless of course this was a giveaway from a company as a present to it's customers then anything is possible.


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Thanks again

by david_m_sampson In reply to Not really

Thanks - much appreciated that you took the time to answer. I guess I'll just use it for music which doesn't need to be played in a specific order and use my "proper" MP3 player when I need to play stuff in a particular order. Thanks again for your help, good man

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Too easy my friend

by tim.mcgovern In reply to Thanks again

Hey, yea if its sorting by name just rename them one by one in the order you like. For instance, the first song you want is:

breath - pink floyd.mp3

rename it to:

001breathe - pink floyd.mp3

problem solved...


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Did the file renaming work?

by relicpelican In reply to A good one! File order o ...

If renaming the files (001..., 002..., etc.) did not work give this a try:

Also see this guys info:

Seems you may be able to see the order using good ole DOS and DIR.


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