A happy accident?

By VAR1016 ·
I have a recent computer running pre-installed Vista. I am having trouble with my Canon scanner. I got it working OK, but only in Portuguese! Iam in contact with Canon and their last suggestion resulted in the computer telling me that there is no scanner, whilst device manager says it's functioning normally... grrr.

Anyway I was searching for a .inf file that Canon told me to look for. There are no .inf files in the software I have. grrrr again.

But, when I typed .inf into the search box in the start panel, I got a page telling me lots of details about the computer. Most exciting was that there is a "Regional Option" - United Kingdom. Does this mean I can get this damned French computer to speak to me in English? If so, how's it done?

Sorry for the long post.

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No worries on the post length

by Tig2 In reply to A happy accident?

I would say give it a shot.

When the US decided to muck about with daylight savings time, I just changed my regional setting. But I have four to choose from and they are all in the US. It IS possible that your regional settings may force a language. This is an easy change back if it doesn't work.

Do a search on the install disc. The file may be there.

You're running Vista. I'll pray for you.

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Changing the Regional Setting only changes

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to A happy accident?

The Country specific ASCII Symbols that are used in different countries. So you will see a difference in the way that dates are displayed and what Symbols are available for Currencies but it will not change the Language that the Data is entered in.

However if you want to see English listed on the screen as the Default Language that should happen provided that you don't have a French Only OS that M$ provided in Europe.

I believe that M$ will send you a English copy of the OS if requested but I'm not sure what is involved so I would suggest that you contact M$ directly on that one.


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