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A Job Offer?????

By ippirate ·
I am an IT Manager for a automotive supplier. At the present I am heading a project team of 4 people (me, myself, I and another department head [equate the last to dead weight]) that is tasked with interviewing, evaluating and recommending potential ERP candidates.

As time has progressed, I have been commended on more than one occassion for the manner in which I am handling the project, by potential vendors. Last week I recieved an email from the owner of one of the companies/vendors we are looking at.

The company that I work for, though often a pain in the can about technology (I run the worlds largest peer to peer, complete with file server, AS 400 and inter-campus wireless arials, in short, my friends like to come by and gawk at my ability to keep it all running as well as my blood pressure, technically is shouldn't be able to get this high) but it is secure and it is the technologists dream, you know, build it from the ground up (a domain that is) but being family owned, well, its family owned.

I'm a husband and a father. My current position is secure but a bigger paycheck with better benefits would be nice. However, it could all be a tactic to try and get through the door. I've heard horror stories about other techs who have nibbled only to have it dropped on their head in a back door meet between the vendor and management. Leverage, if you will.

So here I am. The offer is simple and to the point. A compliment with a tag line of "if you would ever be interested in a job.....".

What do you think? What would you do in my shoes?

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Bird in the hand......

by JamesRL In reply to A Job Offer?????

You seem to have a situation where you have a great deal of autonomy and freedom. A bigger paycheck does not mean a happier life, or a more fullfilling career.

Before I jumped I would ask some hard questions - about potential areas for career growth etc.

I'd also hesitate to work for an ERP vendor while the selection is still going on - if you move it might be seen as trying to get an inside track - and if the vendor who hires you doesn't get the end contract, who says they won't quietly lay you off.

I would not approach until the deal is signed, and only then if you still think that the company dealt with your current employer fairly.

I've been given that line before -by one of the big consulting firms. By the time I needed a new job, their hiring ability had dried up. I don't doubt that they were sincere, but on the other hand they were also flattering me as well, in order to smooth things over. Be careful about jumping ship before you know what kind of waters you are diving into.


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Signed contract

by Cactus Pete In reply to A Job Offer?????

Never quit, or even mention it, to a current employer until you have a signed contract with the new employer.

Never accept a counteroffer from the old employer.

It never hurts t explore possibilities. Be sure you interview them at least as much as they interview you.

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Bottom line

by ken.dunbar-curran In reply to A Job Offer?????

You will have to think very clearly. What is the salary difference? What are the working conditions? What does your family think? If all are positives and there is job security then go for it.

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my 2 sense worth

by JTW-saintjoehigh In reply to A Job Offer?????

The one philosophy that has served me the best is "If you love what you do and where you are, you will never *work* a day in your life." To say it another way if you like where you are, then every day will feel fun and there is no need to move into a position that may cause you pain later, short or long term. It seems to me, that money is your only reason to move, and from the way you state your problem, money doen't move you too much. Than i guess you are quite happy with your current position despite the day to day quirks (and we all have quirks =P). Given what you say i would stay right where you are.

so for what it was worth there ya go.
hope it all works out for you.

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How Does Your Family Feel About It?

by Onwynn In reply to A Job Offer?????

You mention that you are a family man. Ultimately, your decision is gonig to weigh heaviest on them. Your wife will have to listen to your complaints if it doesn't work out, and working for a larger company usually carries less acknowledgement of your achievements than someone who really needs your expertise. Not to mention the extra hours you will inevitably be called in to cover - taking you away from your kdis. Is your career/life/definition of success based on the money you make? If yes, then your decision is easy. To **** with everyone else and follow the money. If you like having more personal satisfaction, personal free time, higher appreciation for your efforts, then you need to stay where you are. There are "pains in the can" in every job. Larger companies usually carry larger pains. Be ready for that if you think you are going to get away from the stress and frustraion by switching jobs. Once the euphoria of the new position wears off, you will find that not much has changed, and you may have a lot more "pain" to deal with.

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Options where you are

by HamstermanII In reply to A Job Offer?????

Given that you like your job and are happy with what you are doing - do you have the ability to discuss with 'the family owners' a better compensation package. With the scope of your responsibilities and comparing what you are doing to other opportunities in your area (I would not mention any job offers) see what they will do about increasing your salary and benefits.

Good luck!

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What skills have the vendor so interested?

by Mikel~T In reply to A Job Offer?????

You write that one of the companies you are looking at has emailed you about potentially hiring you; is the project with the vendor completed, or are they just trying to keep you interested in them? Maybe they just want to hire you so that they can keep a relationship with the company after the project is completed.

Does the vendor deal with a lot of clients that don't run domains, and specialize in large computer workgroups?

Sounds like they are interested in hiring a sales/consulting position...

From your post, you sound interested, I'd get all the details of the new position in writing, negotiate a salary, and talk it over with your wife.

It's hard to leave your comfort zone, but in the long run, you may be better off.


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Job Hopping

by omnione In reply to A Job Offer?????

Make your job choice based upon what you enjoy doing. My advice would be that if you are currently employed doing what you like most, you are better off than most who do a job and don't enjoy it.

Remember one should never be about the money. The money will come at whatever job you perform as you exhibit your talents and traits within the job itself. Your very soul will shine when you perform job functions that you fully enjoy, but it should never be about the money. If you jump ship for .50-cents every time you get the offer you will never grab the meaning of what it is you are working for, and eventually burn out will occur.

Don't go for the money....go for the job fulfillment, the money will follow you my friend.
I've watched this happen over and over again.


Mike Bowers

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Change of Jobs?

by danpat1_2000 In reply to A Job Offer?????

Each individual is different. I've turned down jobs because I was happy in the job I was in. You need to decide whether you have enough money coming in to send your children to college? Also, is the family owned business your in sound and likely to last? Is the company you are considering sound and likely to last? I read stories occasionally of couples who have chucked everything and moved to the country where the cost of living was less and they downsized their needs. In a way I envied them. A key question would be "are you growing in the current job?"

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That's funny

by Oz_Media In reply to A Job Offer?????

I JUST turned down an offer to be a market development manager for an ERP sales firm focused specifically on the Automotive industry.

Whenever I have worked somewhere, I have ALWAYS had clients offer me positions. I will ALWAYS check them out, leave no stone unturned and all that stuff.

For the most part it is exploratory and in many cases it is nowhere near as good an offer as I already have, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

I am single now, my son is grown and independant and I am a person who has NO problem doing something completely different, if it doesn't work out, I'll find something else. I have no restraints or limitations except what I am willing to do and how much money I am willing to accept.

Having a family doesn't afford that same luxury I suppose.

All that aside, venture out and investigate, you have nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain. In some cases it will just make you feel happier with your existing position, as I had found several times myself. It was like a second wind for me.

Best of luck with whatever you choose, I suppose in IT these opportunities don't come along as often, in a sales field, EVERY salesman gets numerous offers each year to go and work elsewhere. It is part of the job, it also makes you feel wanted though, and that's a good thing.

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