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A Joyous Merry Christmas To Mambo

By jdclyde ·
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Last year, we had poor DM down in the dumps about the whole holiday season.

He was tolerating it for the kids, but was not a happy camper himself!

This year, if we can get everyone to wish him a Merry Christmas BEFORE he can get down on the season, maybe we can turn him around! Who knows? Maybe his heart will grow 10 times this year and he will rejoice in the whoham and whosongs?

Merry Christmas To Dan and everyone else in the world!

To those that choose not to be a part of the Christmas celebrations (secular or religious), may you have as Merry a WhatEverItIsYouBelieveIn!

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And God Bless Us, Every One!

by Tig2 In reply to A Joyous Merry Christmas ...

Or the deity or non deity of your choosing.

As a person who for years had very little tolerance of the holiday season, I understand how easy it is to get down on the holiday. Holidays can kill- no, I'm not kidding.

The way I get through it is to make sure that there is a way to get away from it when it all gets too heavy and to define the holiday season in my own terms that I CAN feel good about.

Mambo, I wish you and yours a joyous season of light and love. Choose to make it an affirmation.

To all and sundry, let the wonder of the season be in your heart. Merry (fill in the holiday or non-holiday of your choice here)!

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I remember this!

by maecuff In reply to And God Bless Us, Every O ...

Mambo was the big scrooge last year, wasn't he?

Well..MERRY CHRISTMAS, Mambo! I hope your holiday is filled with all kinds of Christmasy events! But no eggnog, because that's just gross..

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There you go again

by jdclyde In reply to I remember this!

dissing the nog.
If properly seasoned with Captain Morgans and some nutmeg, it is a MUST!
<img src="">

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What's the point?

by maecuff In reply to There you go again

Just drink the booze, there isn't any need to introduce any other liquids.

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Christmas has always been special to me.

by JamesRL In reply to And God Bless Us, Every O ...

And it has nothing to do with presents.

As a singer, I'm always busy at this time of year, and the excitement builds as we get closer. I am singing the Messiah (as part of a choir) with the local symphony in a sold out show (880 seats). After doing this piece for years, its more the process of getting the choir whipped into shape as opposed to the actual performance.

Most of the year, choir singers feel like an anachronism, something back from Victorian times. Christmas we get to do what we do best.

In Canada, Thanksgiving is earlier and not as big a deal as in the US. Christmas is the big time when we will go all out to be with family.

Not to suggest my family is perfect (have you seen "a Christmas story" - the one with the BB gun - thats kinda like my family). But I relish the chance to see them again and share some time. And I love to see the world through my kids eyes.

I think its all about expectations. I hope for the best, but don't plan on it. I'm not looking for a Martha Stewart dinner, just the company of family and friends. I'm not looking for a perfect present for myself. I've gotten ties I will never wear. Its entirely the thought that counts.

I will happily say Merry Christmas, and Happy Hannukah if you like(I've sung Hannukah songs in a choir). Feel free to wish me happy Mithras or whatever.


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Was that

by onbliss In reply to Christmas has always been ...

a Greek, Roman or Persian Mithras :-)

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I just put in my vacation daze

by jdclyde In reply to A Joyous Merry Christmas ...

I checked with HR, and discovered that I have <b>12</b> daze of vacation left. (oops!) and being Salary, you use them or you lose them.
I took off Monday through Wednesday for the rest of the year. oh yeah, took tomorrow off too, as well as the 29th.
<img src="">
This means I have four, two day weeks left to work this year. How cool is that?
<img src="">
It is going to be a <b>very, Merry Christmas! </b>

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I've worked here

by maecuff In reply to I just put in my vacation ...

for over 6 years and I don't even get 12 days a year. I have to be here for 10 years to get 3 weeks vacation.

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I don't feel so bad....

by JamesRL In reply to I've worked here

Last employer I received 3 weeks the day I started.

At my current employer I had to wait till my third calendar year till I get three weeks. In 2007 I will get my three weeks, then wait another 7 years to get 4 weeks.


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three weeks after five years

by jdclyde In reply to I've worked here

been here for nine. it goes up to four weeks when I hit 10 years in another nine months.

what will I ever do with that much time off? :0

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