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A Leader

By trh1948 ·
A leader is someone who isn't afraid to follow.

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by Mr.Wiz In reply to A Leader

A leader is also someone who isn't afraid to step and get the job done.

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natural skill or learnt skill?

by Shellbot In reply to A Leader

I'm curious about this, is someone "born" with leadership skills or do we learn them. Ok well, obviously we can learn them, but does that mean your good at it?

I often wonder, as I never really aspire to be a leader. I often just want to go in, do my job and go home. But in every job i have had, I get promoted quickly to Supervisor or Manager. Now i mean even my very first job (at age 19..ya slow starter i know) i was promoted to Supervisor in 6 months. My second job, promoted in 2 months to Supervisor. You get the picture..

Considering I actually do not want to be in charge, why does this happen? (I always ask myself why i accept..but money talks..)

Am I doomed to forever be part of management? I'm thinking i might just go with it one of these days, and maybe go the Project Leader route?

Anyways, just my boring musings....

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A leader

by cecilia_saca In reply to A Leader

a leader is someone with vision, knows where is going, how to get there and who is going with him/her.

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