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A letter from Willie

By PSer ·
In this politically charged environment we are currently in. Be aware that there is more than Blue v. Red going on.

Thanks for reading and I hope all who can, do what Willie does.

By Willie Nelson

AUSTIN, Texas -- Will Rogers said, "You know horses are smarter than people. You never heard of a horse going broke betting on people."

However, the horses are counting on the people more than ever now. Nearly 100,000 horses are killed annually in foreign-owned slaughterhouses in America for human consumption in other countries.

With the upcoming Senate vote on the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, Americans have a small window of opportunity to save a living legend.

Horses are all the things a truly evolved human should be. There are countless examples of their innate ability and desire to heal people.
Consider the therapeutic riding programs across the country, where horses can have more progress with children with various physical and mental disabilities than their own doctors. The most superhuman thing about horses is the contrast between their unearthly strength and inherent gentleness. Humans abuse their power while horses use theirs only for good. I'd rather be a horse.

With no disrespect to the eagle, I've always thought that the horse should be our national emblem. When horse accepted man onto his back and chose to carry his burdens, it changed the world. Horses have aided mankind through his most arduous and treacherous endeavors, from the sword to the plowshare. Humanity owes an incalculable debt to the horse.

In Native American teachings, Horse enables shamans to fly through the air and reach heaven. To steal someone's horse is to steal their power.

Contrary to what some people are saying, slaughter is not a humane form of euthanasia, and these are not unwanted horses. The treatment of slaughter-bound horses is most often inhumane, and more than 90 percent of those slaughtered are young and in good health. Many are sold to slaughterhouses at closed auctions, while others are stolen pets.

Humans are not smart to eat horses. Horses are treated daily with products such as fly spray, wormers, hoof dressings, etc. These products have labels warning against use on animals used for food. Anyone with horse sense would not be exporting this toxic product.

The passage of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (H.R. 503/S. 1**5) would put in place a permanent and immediate ban on both the slaughter of horses in the U.S. and the exportation of live horses for slaughter abroad.
Thanks to the Society for Animal Protective Legislation, which started the national campaign to end horse slaughter, and to those who got involved and called their legislators, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to pass H.R. 503. But the fight is not over. The Senate will vote on S. 1**5, hopefully in November. Call or write your senators today. Each week our elected officials fail to act on this bill, thousands of horses are subjected to unimaginable cruelty.
For information on horse slaughter, to read my public letter to Congress and to find your senators, go to the Society for Animal Protective Legislation <> .

There has never been a better time to adopt. I just adopted 11 horses from Habitat for Horses. For information on how you can adopt a horse or give to this great cause, visit Habitat for Horses <>.

Join me and more than 500 leading horse industry groups, humane organizations, equine rescues and veterinarians in our effort to end horse slaughter.

Willie Nelson

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There outta be a law....

by JamesRL In reply to A letter from Willie

It would only make good sense that you can't export something that your own standards show is unsafe.

And I will even provide an example that makes Canada look bad. Canada does not allow asbestos to be used in new buildings. There may be some scientific dispute by the scientists paid for by the asbestos industry, but on the whole scientists have linked asbestos with cancer.

Yet Canada continues to mine and export asbestos, and the only countries that import it are the ones who have very lax standards and/or enforcement. In Canada its a political issue - if they shut down the mines and the processors, one small region will lose thousands of jobs. But morally, I have a hard supporting shipping something I wouldnt have in my house to some third world country, who doesn't know or doesn't care about the risks to their citizens.


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And tobacco.

by stress junkie In reply to There outta be a law....

It's not illegal to use tobacco in the USA but there is a widespread low regard for its affects on people's health. Yet the USA exports a lot of tobacco to Asia. Morally speaking we probably shouldn't do that but the American government isn't prepared to stop the production of tobacco. The politicians just want everyone in the USA to stop using tobacco. We want to encourage people overseas to use tobacco so that our farmers will have a strong market for thier product.

BTW I am a cigarette smoker so I'm not talking from some holier-than-anyone point of view. It's just that we should be shutting down the tobacco industry, not exporting something that we know is bad.

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Tobacco, pesticides, chemicals, the list is long

by JamesRL In reply to And tobacco.

And it isn't just the US but most western countries that do this.

Edit - corrected typo in Title


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But Tobacco

by w2ktechman In reply to And tobacco.

is imported into this country as well. Many countries do have tobacco fields, so this isnt as good an example as the Asbestos one above.

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by onbliss In reply to There outta be a law....

Your post just shows how good of a human being you are.

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No horse meat

by onbliss In reply to A letter from Willie my diet. But isn't this just a cultural or personal preference to eat or not eat horse meat?

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No, its more than that

by JamesRL In reply to No horse meat

If you read the letter closely you will see that they use chemical products on horses that are not supposed to be used on any livestock for human consumption.

I did once eat horsemeat. During a school show and tell when I was very young, a child whose parents were from Holand brought in one of his favorite treats, a piece of smoked horse meat. Tasted like corned beef.


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I read that

by onbliss In reply to No, its more than that

...but that was just placed as another point (last to be precise) against horse slaughter. More like "By the way...". The bulk of the words were about how good Horses were and its greatness/usefulness.

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More to it

by PSer In reply to No horse meat

I suppose there are "cultural and personal" reasons as to why some eat Horse meat around the world. Or why some would use asbestos or use tobacco. However, besides the other points Willie is making about the cruelness and "back room" ways these atrocities against such a majestic creature are being handled. The bigger issue, like the first two posts, is about KNOWINGLY shipping products to other countries that "we" ourselves do not endorse or would not use and/or eat because of the health risks we KNOW to exist. All for the sake of the all mighty dollar with little to no concern to other HUMANS. Immoral, to say the least.

"Horses are treated daily with products such as fly spray, wormers, hoof dressings, etc. These products have labels warning against use on animals used for food. Anyone with horse sense would not be exporting this toxic product"

Do you think there are warning labels put on the packaging of this meat to those who would eat it? I think not.

PS: I am a tobacco user as well, although it is a chemical/additive free tobacco. So, no "holier than thou" attitude here either.

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If that was the case....

by onbliss In reply to More to it

...then the point would not be in the last salient paragraph.

If one considers the paragraph beginning "Horses are all the things a truly....." as the first paragraph making the case, then the said point appears in the 5th paragraph. The first 4 paragraphs were devoted to the qualities - greatness/usefulness of Horses.

According to me the construction of the content does not indicate that shipping of the meat KNOWINGLY with elements of risk was the MAJOR point.

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