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A list of problems since ie7 installed via Windows Update

By swisstonihasher ·
Hi there,

I've got a few rather large complaints about ie7...the issues I'm getting have been confirmed as ie7 by de-install from clients.

1, Outlook HTML emails have small size font when printing (viewing them is fine and copy/paste to word, then print is fine) - I think its related to "fit to size" print changes of ie7. Other rich and plain text emails print fine. Also header details of email are something missing.

2, Screen display quality has gone down since ie7 install - Outlook etc text isn't as clear. De-install ie7 and display changes back to normal.

3, Outlook Web Access new emails and reply emails are sent blank to other OWA users or Outlook XP/2003 users. Sending OWA emails to external viewer like hotmail is fine though, ie you can read the email text.
Found out that Exchange 2000 servers/2000 Server running ie6 OWA works perfectly fine - this is on our organisation, its only the 2003 Exchange on 2003 server running ie7 that has the problem.

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More Issues

by She Geek In reply to A list of problems since ...

Many of our web applications do not display correctly. The navigational slide bars just disappear.

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IE7 Issues with NetWare 6.5

by trotterw In reply to More Issues

I am the admin for a School Netware 6.5 environment. I have several published apps for web applications that the network icon no longer works. I have had to point my users to the URL instead of icon.

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Small Fix for IE7 with App Launcher

by karini4 In reply to IE7 Issues with NetWare 6 ...

I found this fix on posted on the internet and it works perfectly for us: Internet Options, Security, Local Intranet, Sites, uncheck the box "Automatically detect intranet network". Leave the other three boxes checked.

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That is nothing

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to A list of problems since ...

I installed IE 7, soon after the wife left me and I lost my house. All because I installed IE 7.

Pesky Gates...

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is that a bug or a feature?

by jrubin99 In reply to That is nothing
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by In reply to is that a bug or a featur ...

It's a Country Song!

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#2 may be because of cleartype

by Aakash Shah In reply to A list of problems since ...

IE7 enables ClearType. This helps makes the text sharper on LCD monitors. However, some users don't like it. Disable Cleartype and you should be back to normal with IE7.

However, I am also having a problem with IE7 and HTML emails where the header does not print.

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by verd In reply to A list of problems since ...

It is interesting to read about problems with IE. I mangage 4 corperate networks and each has about 20-25 users each. I have installed IE7 on all of them and have not had any problems installing or in the running of IE7. In fact the users have said how much they like it over the old one.
I think that if you are having problems with Outlook that you may consider that the problem is with that and IE7 only makes it stand out more. You do not say which Outlook you are using, 2000, XP, or 2003. I suspect that the problem is with your install of Office and not IE7. Of the 90 network computers I have installed this on I have not had any trouble, and they are all running either Outlook 2000, XP, or 2003.

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My Bookmark Have dis-appeared

by Balbir In reply to Interesting

I updated to IE7 and all my favourites have dis-appeared.

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by GirlGeek12 In reply to Interesting

Outlook 2003 has an issue with the printing of the headers. If you change the format type to rich text your fine. Anything with HTML will not print the headers. The only workaround I've found is to resend it to myself in rich text. Once you change the format from that point on, you should not have an issue.

Supposedly this is a known issue that our buds at Microsoft are aware and working on a fix for. However, when you work with attorneys like myself, it is a pain in the you know what trying to work around these issue.

The other issue I've seen is it doesn't play nice with web support sessions, i.e. webex. Your session ends up timing out.

Not sure I like the design but that is just a personal opinion.

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