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    A little info from you please…


    by mpace ·

    Hey guys,

    Where does anyone recommend for online studying/preparing for the MCSE? I will be going for the MCSE and then the newer MS certs. Is this the way to go or should someone just focus on the newer certs? You help is always appreciated!!!

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      by mpace ·

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      Depend on your learning style.

      by bart777 ·

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      If you are a self-study type of person then take a look at the Exam crams or go to one or two of the braindump sites.

      I haven’t looked for any training lately but I’m sure there are some other more in-depth sites tht will allow you to DL everything you need.

      As for the 2003 or 2008 question. I would start with the 2003 MCSE track. In that take the 620 test for Vista. this works as a requirement for both the new and old Certs.

      Once you have the old MCSE done you can take some upgrade tests to get you toward the new certs and save a few buck.

      Keep in mind that a lot of cmpanies are not going to be moving to 2008 all that quickly. You’ll want to position yourself so that you can support both levels of OS and really shine to potential customers or employers.

      Have fun.

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        by mpace ·

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        Thanks for the info!!!

        Someone metioned the testout stuff. I liked the lab simulators portion of it, but the price seems a bit scary. I’m more of a hands-on type learner, so do you know of something similar with lab type simulators and what are the usual costs of the test?

        Thanks again! I really appreciate the 411!!

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